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Wednesday symptoms check-in

How are you feeling today?


GTKY: What do you do for your "me time?"
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Re: Wednesday symptoms check-in

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    How are you feeling today?  A bit tired.  

    Rants/Randoms:  DH woke up with a headache and decided to call out of work. I wish I could have joined him but am trying to save up all of my paid leave time for when Schroeder arrives.  

    GTKY: What do you do for your "me time?"  Normally just curl up in bed and read something.

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    yella726yella726 member
    edited May 2014
    How are you feeling today?  Feeling great, although I think I finally started to get REAL round ligament pains (as opposed to those quick, sharp "pulled muscle" feeling when I sneezed in my first tri). This pain woke me up in the middle of the night with a pain in my right groin and it felt like it took so long to subside. Happened again the next afternoon (as I was standing up as a bridesmaid in a wedding). I had to breathe my through those 20 minutes because I didn't want to be the bridesmaid that had to sit down/collapsed.And then once more the next evening when we were waiting to sit down at a restaurant. Sheesh.

    Rants/Randoms: We're back to reality after this Florida family wedding vacation and I don't even want to to go outside. I just want to walk out onto the balcony and feel the sun and see the ocean.

    GTKY: What do you do for your "me time?" Well, on the aforementioned vacation, I took a late morning nap pretty much every day. It was the most amazing thing EVAR!! Now that we're back to reality, we'll see...

    EDITED to add that round ligament pains are currently back. Ooowwwwww!!!
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    How are you feeling today? pretty good!  Slight headache, but that seems to be normal lately. :-(

    Rants/Randoms: I'm good so far today...just happy for the nice weather.

    GTKY: What do you do for your "me time?" I like shopping by myself or just grabbing a good book and a coffee and reading.

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    themissthemiss member
    How are you feeling today? Not so great. I was starting to feel so much better, but have had three nights of next to no sleep. I'm having serious issues with my lower back and left hip so I can't sleep at all

    Rants/Randoms: My whole left side went numb last night when I was trying to sleep. AND, I have a weird pinching pain my lower abdomen. I have read it's probably just from my uterus growing...but it's weird feeling and makes mer nervous.

    GTKY: What do you do for your "me time?" I like reading in quiet with a BIG mug of tea

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    suprsuzsuprsuz member
    How are you feeling today? My head is killing me! Currently sitting in the waiting room aty docs office.

    Rants/Randoms: just want some relief.

    GTKY: What do you do for your "me time?" Anything quiet. I love snuggling with my puppy girls.

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    How are you feeling today? Im feeling fabulous! Finally not really getting sick anymore, and im just starting to feel babygirl move around !

    Rants/Randoms: Im not sleeping much :( and also my air is broke in my car and it has been in the high 80s all week. I hate being outside right now!!

    GTKY: What do you do for your "me time?"  - I bake and, well I sleep :)
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