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What are you doing to stay in shape?


Re: What are you doing to stay in shape?

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    I run (if you can still call it that) and use the elliptical (great for reading baby books) a few days a week.  I try and do a weight class and dance class once a week too.  
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    Walking a few times a week and doing the arm mommy weight challenge twice a week that's about all
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    I was doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred level 3 just to stay toned, but haven't had the energy for it even with modifications for a few weeks. 
    I have Suzanne Bowen's Long and Lean dvd which I LOVE LOVE LOVE. I've used quite a few prenatal dvd's and this is the only one I feel makes a difference yet is actually doable through 3rd tri.
    Right now I'm doing the dvd on rainy days, walking on nice days, doing push ups and lunges here and there and mostly chasing toddlers as PP are doing.
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    I had really bad morning sickness in my first trimester but still managed to get my exercise in! I've been training for my second half marathon since January. Just ran the half marathon this past Sunday and it felt fantastic! I'm 16 weeks right now. Already signed up for a few more runs this summer!

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    I'm continuing CrossFit. I was doing it a year before I got pregnant. I have had to scale back a bit. I try to make sure I can breathe and I do not go for max lifts or anything that strains too much.
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    Round is a shape
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    I walk in the evenings and on weekends with DS. I also try to hit the elliptical at least once a week. I will start prenatal yoga in the next month or so.
    I was doing vinyasa but there's too much inversion and time on the tummy/back.
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