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i miss having bump time

I have been so absent :( I had DD2 march 26th and i havent had any time to do much of anything on the computer and mobile bump disagrees with me. I Hope you ladies are doing great! How are all the other 2u2 moms doing? 

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Re: i miss having bump time

  • 2u2 here..... DD2 was born April 5.  I'm finally starting to get the hang of having two little ones, but I have a lot of help from my mom and MIL.  DD1 goes to a sitter twice a week to keep her routine for when I'm at work and to have some social interactions.  Having two makes me realize how easy I had it with just one (even though at the time I thought just having DD1 was a handful).

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  • 2U2 here too...DS2 was born April 6. We're getting the hang of it. Slow but sure. My mom has come over a few days and MIL has taken DS1 once ao not too much help. Plus DH works all day and has been farming in the evening. It won't last forever though! And I agree, it was extremely easy with one.
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  • Here are both my boys!
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  • congrats on Baby #2!  our board might seem dead but know that a few of us look daily to see if there is any life!  I remember when you had DD1 and look forward to hearin about your adventures as a mom for 2u2
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  • @lyndsihutson‌
    I've periodically peeked over in April for you to see when your LO was born, but couldn't find you.

    -----for those who don't know----
    DS2 was born March 15.
    It's been a busy, interesting couple months.
    DS1 goes to the sitter's 1 day a week now. He only goes to grandma's house about twice a month.

    I laugh because MIL was pushing me to let her come pick DS1 up a couple days a week, but she hasn't even called me to do that lately. They took him 1 day when DS2 was 2 weeks old. He has only been there twice since.

    I'm actually managing fairly well. DS1 is really well behaved, and he loves his little brother. He wants to hug and kiss him all the time.

    It's only really been nice enough (for my cold body) to get outside to play a few days within the last couple weeks.
    I want to start stroller walks to the park and grocery store soon, now that its not soggy or icy everywhere.
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