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Sunday Symptoms Check-In

How are you feeling today?


GTKY: What do you wear to bed?
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Re: Sunday Symptoms Check-In

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    suprsuzsuprsuz member
    How are you feeling today?
    I have a headache and kind of want to throw up. :( I woke up at 4:00 this morning and took Tylenol, but now that I am awake again I'm miserable.
    Rants/Randoms: I hate feeling like crap!

    GTKY: What do you wear to bed? Jammies that usually don't match. And socks are a must!

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    Feeling: better than yesterday! No headache this morning thank God.

    Rants/Randoms: starting to despise people that provide medical advice or tell you what your feeling based upon due their previous pregnancy experiences when it was not asked for or they act like they know it all because your'e an FTM.

    What do I wear to bed? I'm always hot so lately I've been wearing my birthday suit!
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    How are you feeling today? good, went out to breakfast and it was delicious 

    Rants/Randoms; I've been so tired the past 2 days trying to stay busy today to not take a nap and fall asleep and around 8 

    GTKY: What do you wear to bed? a t-shirt and I still sweat I can't sleep naked or I would this has been an issue since I was pregnant with DD and will only get worse as october approaches. 

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    MrsL2BMrsL2B member
    Feeling: I woke up feeling pretty good, but after a couple of hours of running errands this morning, I think I'm done for the day!

    Rants/Randoms: I spent way too long reading all the Mother's Day cards at Target this morning and couldn't find a thing for my MIL. There is nothing available this year for people who like dogs and are unsentimental.

    GTKY: I sleep in a stretchy tank top and underwear.
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    How are you feeling today? Pretty good right now. I have had sinus congestion for about a week now, and yesterday it was giving me a horrible headache. I took some Fioricet before bed, and it helped. I'm hoping I don't get worse throughout the day again.  

    Rants/Randoms; I've been feeling the baby kick and flutter for about a week now. I can't wait till I can feel it from the outside too. 

    Also, I went to the Babies R Us raffle yesterday and won a set of swaddling blankets. I never win anything, so I was pretty excited :)

    GTKY: What do you wear to bed? Underwear. I'm not looking forward to the day when I need to start wearing more clothes to bed. 
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    How are you feeling today?  Okay. I think I am anxious about my appointment tomorrow though and I had bad dreams that kept waking me up all night.  Boo.

    Rants/Randoms: This weekend has gone by so fast.  I'm pretty bummed.  Also apartment hunting, especially long distance, SUCKS and I don't understand why rents are so much higher in the city we're moving to.

    GTKY: What do you wear to bed?  Usually a t-shirt and pajama pants or sweats/yoga pants or shorts.  In the winter a long-sleeve shirt.  I don't like to be cold :p
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