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I'm in my late 30s. This is month 3. Not sure how long I should let this go before seeing a doctor.

Thinking of picking up one of those ovulation predictor kits at the drug store. Has anyone used one before?

Re: Af..sigh

  • I used the cheapy OPKs from amazon when I was TTC. They worked well enough, got pregnant 1st cycle off of BC. :D Good luck!
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  • Fingers crossed that next month is it for you!
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  • Thanks guys.

    I am tracking my cycle and trying to predict ovulation. I'm also watching for signs etc., but my cycle length keeps shifting. This month it was 24 days. Last month it was 28 days. The month before that it was 30. The first time, I tracked for 3 months and then we went for it and it worked. Back then, my cycle was a reliable 28 days.

    I've thought about posting on TTC. I lurked a few times last month. There are some ladies on there that have been trying for a first baby for a long while. I'm finding this second TTC frustrating and scary, but I feel a little out of place on that board because I already have a child. I know there are women on there that are trying for a second...but I don't know. Getting AF every month with the clock ticking is really upsetting, but i almost feels like I'm upset when I already have something really special. Sitting here feeling frustrated and scared is difficult too. I should suck it up, go on the board and say what I feel I guess.
  • How are you predicting ovulation? Are you temping? My cycles have always varied a bit in length, but with temping I found out that in spite of that, I was ovulating around day 19/20. If I had tried to get pregnant 14 days after my period, I would have been trying for a while.
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  • I haven't been temping. I count 10 to 14 days in. Funny you should mention ovulating later in the month. I've started feeling like I was ovulating about 5 days before my period. Mucous is not quite right, but the feeling is there.
  • I highly recommend doing the temps if you are trying to track ovulation. My cycles were crazy before the first kiddo, yet I ovulated about the same time every month, days 16/17. 
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  • I lurk TTGP sometimes and the ladies seem very nice and have great advice. You should def post there. And good luck!
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    @maven212‌, I'm right there with you. We've been trying since November, and nothing yet. I just got an app called Ovia that I like, and I've also heard good things about Fertility Friend. My friend bought ovulation tests from Target and said they are cheaper there than CVS, and they worked well for her. I might spend the money on that next month.

    Good luck!

    ETA: I'm going to see the OBGYN about further testing if we have 3 m/c's or 1 year of unsuccessful trying. I am 32, so I would probably go sooner if I was in my upper 30's - maybe 4-6 months. Up to you. Again, good luck.
  • I used an ovulation predictor kit with B and just started using one again. Very easy to use...just pee on a stick once a day. First month trying again and 35...I understand what you're feeling!

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  • I can't offer any advice based on difficulty with TTC since #1 was successful on first try, #2 & 3 were surprises (despite contraceptive).

    But...I have known several people that were so stressed about TTGP that their cycles got a little wonky.
    Even a couple couples that eventually decided to adopt or become foster parents instead. Once the stress was off...they conceived almost instantly.
    - varying ages within their 30's.

    Obviously I don't know if it was just coincidence regarding when they conceived, but stress at work can alter a woman's cycle, so why not expect the stress of TTC in a certain time frame to affect a woman similarly?

    Also, side note; my sister ovulated really early in her cycle before her first. She didn't know that for a long time. Her and her H were trying for a while and she had a 30-33 day cycle. But she ovulated at around day 8-10 after her period. Once she found that out, she got pregnant fairly quickly.

    Good luck!

  • I used the ovulation prediction kit and found it helpful.  I used the strips, which I didn't like because I would second guess my ability to tell if the line was equal or darker.  I liked the ones with the smiley faces, at least I could understand that!

    I also recommend checking your cervix and your mucous. It takes a while to get use to, but once you know what your body does, its easy to tell. 

    I was never good at temping because I refused to get up early on the weekend to do it at the same time.  But I've heard really positive things about it.

    Good luck to you!


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    I used the ovulation predictors and found they weren't great. Had more luck charting and tracking temps. My cycle is pretty regular and predictable so ovulation window was a little easier, especially with the temp data. But I get your frustration. I was 38 TTC with V and 40 with this one. Took us 3 months with V and longer with this one. After 5 months I was frustrated. Drs advice was start the baby dance on day 5 or 6 after AF and then either everyday, if you can, or if you were like us every other, till day 17. Did it their way and it not took 2 more months. Good luck. I know how disappointing AF arrival can be.
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  • we are in month one and Im in my mid-30's.  Been using the My Days app.  Thinking of getting OPK next month and trying to track BBT
  • Thanks guys. We'll know the truth in a few days. Ready to try something new this month, if af arrives.
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    @maven212, the TTGP ladies are the shit - but I'd definitely lurk a bit before posting and read the newbie blog. And I highly recommend charting and fertility friend. If you're over 35, I think the general recommendation is to talk to your doctor if it's longer than 6 cycles.

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