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Am I the only crazy lady still pumping at work?

As I sit here in my lovely pumping closet at work, I'm wondering if anyone else is still pumping.  I've cut down to one time a day, but only because one of my coworkers just had a baby and I didn't want to compete for lunchtime pumptime (we're teachers with identical lunch and plan times). I know technically our school would have to supply an area for each of us, but it wasn't worth the hassle when I was barely getting anything at lunch anyway.

Anyhow, anybody else still schlepping around the pump?
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Re: Am I the only crazy lady still pumping at work?

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    I am in awe that you are still pumping! Mad props for going this long. I still nurse morning and night but stopped pumping the beginning of January. My freezer stash lasted until March. I stil have a couple of bags that I'm hanging on to in case he gets sick in the next little bit. I'm not sure how much longer we will keep BFing but at 18.5 month he shows no signs of wanting to stop.
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  • That's awesome that you're still going!  I stopped with DD1 in November, but DD2 was born a few weeks ago so I'm back to pumping (for DD2).  

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  • Lol, so it sounds like the answer is "yes." I thought about quitting pumping at a year, but when I was home for winter break, L was nursing more than ever and didn't seem to drink as much when we offered her whole milk, so I've just kept going. We had such a hard time nursing in the beginning, that I'm kind-of afraid to stop. I'll probably finish out the school year, but I definitely won't pump next year.
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  • I still pump at work. I just forget to check in here. I basically get nothing. It's depressing but I need to keep them boonies going or they will dry up all together. I'm thinking that might not be such a bad idea though.
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