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Hi, new SAHM here. Any introverts with high-energy boys?

Hey all! I left my job a week-and-a-half ago to stay at home full-time with my one and three year-old boys. Forgive me if I don't know the nuances of this board yet. I am so glad to be able to be at home with my little guys.

Are there any other introverts here with super high-energy, intense boys who are always moving and don't sleep very much? Please share! I'd like to know I'm not alone. :)

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Re: Hi, new SAHM here. Any introverts with high-energy boys?

  • I don't think I'm an introvert but I have a 15 month old who is always on the go and doesn't like to sleep. I was excited for a 45 min nap today!
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  • I could have wrote your post myself :)

    Welcome to the board!

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  • Welcome! My 1 year old doesn't like to sleep and basically wants to be outside running all day, so I feel you! My girls aren't much less active than that either lol!
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  • That's me! We are out of the house every day, usually morning and afternoon. We're home for lunch and rest/nap time, but that's it. It's necessary for us both to stay sane. I have a small group of close mom friends and we do a lot of individual play dates, as well. I met most of my friends at the library storytime, because I've never been one to join things like Meet Up groups and the like.

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  • I'm not an introvert, but I do treasure down and alone time. However, I have two active boys that must get out. My oldest goes to school every day, and my youngest goes twice a week. We also go to the gym daily and do other activities to keep him occupied. I'm in 3 different moms groups and we do lots of play dates. Now that the weather is better, we ride bikes daily too. It can be exhausting!
  • I kind of like that DS is so outgoing, it forces me to be more social with other parents.

    Certain parks/museums/kid places are friendlier than others. My neighborhood is not so friendly, but occasionally we go across town on errands and visit a different park where all the parents are really outgoing and it's fun.

    Otherwise, yeah, I just play with my phone while DS does his thing.
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