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  • When she's happy/normal, Ziggy or lady.

    When she's not, Charles Snarly or little cat (because her sad cries sound like a kitten howling).
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  • Grumpers is one he hears pretty often. Elly belly, brady baby, if he has a poopy diaper or is gassy then he is smelliott :)


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  • Cam, Bright Eyes, Stinky Face if he pooped, Buddy, Buster, Mr. Crabby Pants when he's fussy :) but my favorite is Bright Eyes

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  • I always call Damien baby! Hope he doesn't confuse that as his name lol
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  • Addie, Addie girl, I call her my little poopoo girl when she's stinky, and I call her froggy a lot because her legs are always up like a frog.

    MH calls her Inday (it's a Filipino word)
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  • Brayden has lots of nicknames we call him, Brady, little B (dad is big D), baby boy, bray bray (like cousin Rae Rae!!), little buddy, baby.
  • Livi, Livi -Lou-who, chunky monkey, muffin,lovebug, pumpkin

    When she's fussy we always say, heyyyy girlfriend, which makes her smile :)
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  • Ds1 has been Mr. Boobs, boobs or even Benny Booberson. Were trying to quit that.

    Ds2 so far is baby brother, stinky baby or cheese. Cheese because when he's swaddled DH calls him a Dean and cheese burrito.
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