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Nicknames for LO

I don't think we've had a thread on this yet- sorry if we have!

What do you call LO?  Do you have a specific nickname?

I call DD Mouse.  The first couple weeks (and still sometimes with certain faces), I thought she looked like a little field mouse.  I mean this in the cutest way possible.  She is my Little Mouse.

DH had to try out a few names (Peanut, Sunshine), before deciding on one.  He thought about it, and he decided that the "official" nickname he will call her is Pumpkin.  Its cute.

So let's hear them!


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bumpuser1282882[Deleted User]

Re: Nicknames for LO

  • jfb29jfb29
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    Sweet pea, sweet one, something beautiful

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  • We call LO "milk monster", JEM (those are his initials) and much to my chagrin, DH calls him "Jake the Snake". I know there's more but I can't think of them right now.
    [Deleted User]caseinpoint
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  • Harpsicle. Harpie. Bug. DH calls her "cupcake" a lot.

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  • I've been calling Cooper "puke face" lately. She seems to like it...
  • I always call her pretty girl and baby girl.  Not sure if that's really a nickname but it's sticking.
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  • It kinda depends! One that's stuck is tootie booty princess since she's always farting. Or just tootie boots. I call her love bug, beautiful, little lady, snoozy Q. Oh and June bug of course :)

    akflutterby[Deleted User]caseinpoint
  • Sweetums, snugabug, lovey, Artie, Art-vark, King Arthur, The Beast.
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    amholley1[Deleted User]
  • We call her peanut a lot. Also piglet because she was so snorty when she was born. Sometimes muffin. DH sometimes calls her gas bag when she's super farty. I kind of hate that one, but also kind of giggle.

  • I call her an assortment of names...little peanut, peanut girl, little miss...also, Crabby Abby. She's really not all that crabby usually, but it just rhymes with her name. My best friend is a school counselor and was talking to Abby the last time she was here, and said "If your mom keeps calling you that, I think you and I might be having a conversation in a few years!" lol
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  • We just call her beautiful, gorgeous, and baby girl...not sure those are nicknames. Hmm we will have to come up with one. My parents still call me sweet pea.

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  • Hubby calls her sister. We'll both call her pretty girl (apparently I've graduated to pretty lady now...) & I call her Babe.
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  • What don't I call her

    Princess, pretty princess, precious, acey, acey girl, pooks, pookie bear, pretty girl, pretty baby, missy moo. Everything but Amelia lol
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    [Deleted User]caseinpoint
  • It really just depends on what we are doing at the time... if he is fussy or upset then we call him Mr. Grumpy Pants, Grumpapotamus and Grumpasaurus

    otherwise if we are just saying a nickname then it is usually something off of his name (Duncan) so Dunc, Duncers, Duncaroo (that is the main one)
  • laurstarx said:
    What don't I call her Princess, pretty princess, precious, acey, acey girl, pooks, pookie bear, pretty girl, pretty baby, missy moo. Everything but Amelia lol
    This exactly lol. I think the names that seem to stick most are "mommy's little angel", "princess", and "Skylee bear."  DH loves calling her "Sky Sky."  He's the only one that I would let call her that I think.  My mom calls her snugglebug. 

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  • We call her Evie, Evers, Squirrel (DH's nickname for her) and DH calls me love bunny so he calls her baby bunny I think it's adorable!

    Evelyn - 3/15/14


  • Buddy, bud, Ror, peanutty (and peanut variations - peanutty buddy, peanut butter cup, etc), toots magoots, milk mouth - I love calling him sweet names and love it less when I call him grumpalump (because that means he is grumpy)
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  • I call her piglet and MH calls her momma's piglet. His grandmother hates it and yells at us all of the time for it, but I don't care what she says.

    MH has started calling her big blue because of her blue eyes. I'm not sure how I feel about it.

  • bubba

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  • Most frequent nickname for our LO is Babyface. We call our dog Dougalface so she naturally became Babyface.
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  • We both call LO Buddy mostly. I also call him Lovey, Boogy, Peanut (although that was DD nickname when she was a baby), Mavy, or Mav.
  • I call him Bitty Baby or Blue Eyes; DH calls him Little Man (to my dismay); and we both call him a Jedi Master due to his arm movements and ability to get his way :)
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  • I call him Mister a lot. And Potato Face. Because he has a face like a potato.
    baby boy: 3.19.2014
    benevolentforce[Deleted User]
  • Lukey, Lukers, little buddy, little man, booger bear
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  • Fallyn Bay
    Aka baby bird or birdie
  • We call Lydia sweet pea, Lydie and Lydie-Loo. Peanut comes out sometimes but we call/called DD1 peanut so we try to avoid that one. Tough because it suits her so well!
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  • Sweet pea, little love, toots, man toots, em. DH calls her little girl.

    Emma Rose
    Born 3.11.14
    8lbs 14oz, 21.5 in
  • She been bug since day one
  • Monkey, baby monkey, pollito (baby chick in Spanish) beautiful, cutie pie, stinky monkey, she likes them.. I think
  • I started out calling DD Fussbuggit because he never fussed or cried. Then it evolved into Mr. Buggit or Buggie.
    [Deleted User]
  • edited April 2014
    Baby supreme. He got this name when I was 20something weeks pregnant from H.
    Or Cole Train because of how fast he was born!

  • I call LO Chibby Chubs.
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  • DD's name is Josephine, so her nicknames include:

    Josie, Josie Bear, Josie Bean, Baby J, J Bear and also Squeaky and Mouse 

    DD #1 is Peanut and although we slip up, we try to not call DD#2 this...
  • Ours has been Ducky the most, because her little face is all lips and she constantly looks like she is giving the duck face. Sometimes it's The Duck. 
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  • We have a few . DH calls her is sweet heart . I call her my little hiccup bc she gets them a lot . Mommies little princess , chuba cheeks and lil stinker ..


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    Andreabills[Deleted User]caseinpoint
  • Peanut, Buddy, and Stinky Butt.
  • KewiiKewii
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    Grunty McGrunterson-- especially at night. Babycakes is also used often

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    benevolentforce[Deleted User]
  • Her name is Avadelle, but we call her Ava. There is also Aves, stinky face, little monster, bitty baby, angel, princess, honey (DH) and cutie pie.
  • Baby bop and little darlin' are all I've got so far. I feel like we already gave all the nicknames to DD1! She's sissy, Addigator, Sissy Foo-Foo (from the Little Bunny Foo Foo song) and all kinds of variants (Foo-Foo, Foof, Foo, Foo-Foo Cachoo), sissykins, Madame Crankypants, Twerp, Twerplet...The list goes on and on.

    For a long time, we called DD1 Sissy so much that my daycare kids all called her that as well and they had no idea what her real name was. If I referred to her by her real name, they'd be like, who?? Oops. That kinda convinced me that we should use nicknames a bit less!
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  • Chicken- because she pecks at my chest (or whoever is holding her) when she is hungry!



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