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LO pulls and scratches

My daughter used to kind of pull at her diaper as if she just wanted to be naked and free. Since last night, it's more of a pulling and scratching at her diaper and private bits. She ends up crying.. She doesn't really have a rash, but does she need a rash in order to have a yeast infection? I looked up yeast infections and kept finding them associated with terrible diaper rashes. I haven't changed anything with our diaper washing routine really.. She is sleeping now so I guess I will see how she does throughout the day  but I didn't really find much helpful information from google.. Have any of you experienced this with your LO?


Re: LO pulls and scratches

  • That's what I initially thought. She cries while she's scratching and sometimes during a diaper change. I think if it continues today I might try going to see her pediatrician. :/


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    I was going to say this.

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  • Ok so yesterday she really only grabbed at it right after I changed her so I have a feeling she just wants to be butt naked. If it is a UTI though, what should I do? Would she have to go to the doctor? Also, would it make her be all red and puffy down there? Because there's no redness at all. Thanks in advance.


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