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  • one thing im confused/curious about is how does a name come about to be correct, or a "real" name. seeing as for example: Jessica was first found in a william shakespeare play. that is the common spelling that he just came up with. so what makes that a real name as opposed to a name someone else comes up with?
    This is my question too. When I first looked up my dd's name years and years before she even existed, I found it listed as an old Germanic name derived from Adelaide. So to me this is a real name. Now that she is here and this has been her name for four years, it is a popular name. Most name sites will say it's an American made up name. So how are you supposed to know if it's a "real" name or not? Some are obvious, some are not. 
    Always consider your sources. Just like "eaglefreedomnewsz.Com" is probably biased and just making shit up, so is "babynamesa-z.com"

    On this board we tend to source from behind the name,  it shows etymology, variants and even "family" trees. It is not infallible, but it's a fairly good quick check resource. 

    Some names/variants evolve over time. I'm guessing Adalyn is your daughters name.  Adeline/Adelaide are from similar roots, but over time regional pronunciations of the -line ending as -Lynn became popular, and add in people who feel different spellings make a name more unique,  well, you get totesyouniquebabynamez.com saying its a totes legit name, never mind that the first time Adalyn was recorded was in 1908, and lacked consistent usage until the 80s.
  • Yes that's her name. Spelled Adelyn though. That looks like the site I originally found it on too, I remember the tree. I still love her name regardless that people think it is made up, I just don't want her to look it up someday and think we were trying to be unique and make up a name. I loved it because I like Adelaide but dh didn't. The Lyn sounds better with our last name than Adeline, I do like that name too though. But I also liked the meaning- Noble beauty, and the possible nicknames. She goes by Addie half the time. 
  • I don't care if someone misspells his name wrong.  it happens, people are human. They spell my son JAYSON'S name wrong all the time.  :)  We just correct them and move on.  Works out just fine. 
    I'm glad YOU don't care. But he will. Why do I know? How come I'm the authority on this matter? Cuz I'm a victim of parent crazy name spelling abuse.
    People have misspelled my name my whole life, I just laugh and correct them. Nobody ever spells my nickname right because the only Ande with an "e" anyone thinks of is Andes Candies. And my name is something most people learn in school, or at least if you pay attention it is. I still don't undestand how people are so dumb as to not know of the galaxy right next to ours.....like really? Andromeda has been around for freaking ever yet 90% of people I meet have no clue what it is. So the people saying that names have to have some kind of historical/etymology  backing are incorrect, cause my name has Greek mythology, a galaxy, a constellation that's been named since like the 1800s and lots more and people still ask how my parents found it or made it up.

  • I definitely agree!
  • "While I agree with the OP 100%, I have to say that my name is Kimberly and 95% of the time people call me Kim without asking. 3% of the time people ask what I'd like to go by or just call me by my full name. Growing up and up until a few years ago, every time I met someone new and every time someone asked what I like to go by I would always tell them that I preferred Kimberly. 95% of those people still called me Kim. So that made for a fun time. I'm over it and just roll with it now"

    Ahh, Kimberly that is my life. My name is Jessica, and almost every single person calls me Jess. I don't like it at all! My husband and my best friends call me Jessica. Everyone else just can't seem to remember, or they're too lazy? Even my parents call me Jess. They're the ones who named me! It's so annoying. I love it when people ask me what I prefer, although you're right..they often just call me by the nickname anyway. I have even been called Jess by strangers, like the bank teller. Why do people who don't even know me, think they can call me by a nickname? I don't say "Okay, thanks Bill!" to a store clerk named William. That would be rude!
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  • When it comes to giving names, I believe that it's the parent's sole discretion to decide. However, spelling does matter a lot. I think it shouldn't be too common nor too made up that it's hard to spell, much more pronounce. Nonetheless, you just know. You'll have this sort of "connection", like the mere mention of the name makes you happy and smile, then it's perfect. 
  • I bet my husband would like to know people's thoughts on ' Rhys ' and it's variets and how it comes that Noone can spell his name correctly or pronounce it this drives him nuts 
  • I think there are far too many other things to worry about than how someone chooses to spell their child's name. :smile 
  • I think there are far too many other things to worry about than how someone chooses to spell their child's name. :smile 
    I agree. Like putting pictures of children on the internet for strangers to see. 
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  • This is why I love ancient names with ancient spellings. I love it that there's no debate as to meaning. Such as "Gage" that we used for a middle name -- "Gauge" means measurement, but the old French word "Gage" means "an oath". 
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  • Craziest thread ever... Probably shows what's wrong with America.  Who's business is it how or what you name YOUR child?  It matters way more how your raise your child. 
  • This is a really great read.
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    Craziest thread ever... Probably shows what's wrong with America.  Who's business is it how or what you name YOUR child?  It matters way more how your raise your child. 
    Ummm...this forum has people from all over the world posting on here, so it's not just an American thing.

    Also,  if I were hiring and it came down to choosing two of four candidates for interviewing, they all had comparable resumes and their names were: Jayxon, Danielle, Olyvia, and Justin, my two to interview would be Danielle and Justin.  Sorry, but it's true. 
  • :x
    Unfortunately, I think most people who want to use creative spelling might not understand that.
    I agree
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