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masking tape?

hi there...lurker here.  i lurk here to find ways to make my home more green and less toxic..hope that's okay! so i have a random question, in my toddlers' playroom (b/g twins) i have some butcher paper taped to the walls so they can mark it up with crayons and stickers.  so two questions (1) does anyone know if masking tape (the 3m scotch brand) is toxic?  i actually called the company and though they said their product was not toxic in any way, i am wondering if anyone has heard anything different, and if there's a "safer" alternative.  (2) i use butcher paper on my there a better alternative?  other than letting my two year olds wreak havoc on my home, lol?

Re: masking tape?

  • Perhaps you could use thumbtacks instead? I can't imagine masking tape being terribly toxic but glue is always suspicious. I have called many companies about their products and no one has ever said anything except 'our products are completely safe and in compliance with all applicable regulations'. Meh.
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