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Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

46 days later...

And I finally got a negative HPT!

Wednesdays bloodwork, which I was hoping would come back negative, came back at 44. This morning I took a test and it was actually negative, finally! I am so exhausted with how long this has all dragged out. I don't know what I was thinking turning down the D&C when it started. Hopefully things can start to physically get back to normal so I can have any chance of maybe emotionally dealing with this a little better.

Now back to being totally overwhelmed as I try to get rid of everything I own!

**For those of you that don't know I'm moving from IN to OR at the end of the month.**

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Re: 46 days later...

  • Great news! I'm so glad you can finally close this chapter and focus on the emotional healing (and your move)!
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  • I'm happy for you and I hope this news helps you heal emotionally.

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  • awesome!  *happydance*
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  • Yay! I hope this helps you find peace and that you can focus on your move.
  • I give you tons of credit, I would have been a disaster waiting for it to be over.. I was nuts just waiting for AF to return the first month.

  • Yay!! Glad for some good news.
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  • Glad you're on your way to some emotional healing (hugs)
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  • I'm so glad to hear this news, but sorry it had to drag on as long as it did.  At least now you can move on emotionally.
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    We can celebrate together, I just stopped bleeding and got a negative test after 5 weeks! I hope you can begin to move on physically and emotionally!


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  • Ticker and siggy warning We can celebrate together, I just stopped bleeding and got a negative test after 5 weeks! I hope you can begin to move on physically and emotionally!
    So glad it's finally over for you, too!
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  • That is wonderful news. I'm just starting my wait, so will hopefully be joining you in hpt negative-ness in not too long!
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  • Layfi002 said:
    That's good news! I was actually about to post a question about how long some of you are going without a neg hpt... It will be 3 weeks tomorrow since I did the cytotec and last night I got a pretty clear positive hpt still. I really thought it would be pretty faint by now if not neg. I also haven't been temping or anything since the loss, but I had a pretty significant pinching pain in my right side that always happens around O. Does anyone know if you can even O while still having Hcg in your system??
    It's possible, but pretty rare. And only with pretty low levels. As for how long it takes, it really depends on how high your levels were when you miscarried.
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  • Layfi002 said:

    So I started back temping a few nights ago and got solid crosshairs for O on the 23rd; however, as of yesterday I am still getting a positive hpt. It's faint, but not too faint. I can see it walking into the bathroom. Thoughts, opinions??

    Unfortunately the only thing to do is keep temping and wait to see if it's right. Good luck.
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