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San Diego moms?

I know there are a few of you on here, I just can't remember who. I was hoping you guys could help me out. I'm moving to San Diego in June and not at all familiar with the area. I've only ever spent ~18 hrs there and that was for an interview 9 months ago. DH and I are going out in a few weeks to look at housing.

 I'm trying to research, but I feel soo overwhelmed by all the different neighborhoods. I am a small town Midwest girl so this urban setting is very foreign to me. I will be working in the Hillcrest area and want to live somewhere without a difficult drive to work. Can anyone help me with what are good neighborhoods to live in? We will be renting and hope to try out more of an urban lifestyle instead going out toward the suburbs. Any info would be GREATLY appreciated.

I can give more info if that would help with suggestions

Thanks in advance!!

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Re: San Diego moms?

  • I'm in SD, too. Even though I grew up in an urban/suburban area, I had never been to San Diego when I interviewed here and had 5 hours before my flight home to find a place for us to live. So I can empathize :). Where will your husband be working? That is definitely something to consider since San Diego is super spread out!
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  • San Diego here too! East County. :)@golfergirl08‌ gave you some awesome suggestions! Hillcrest is definitely the gayborhood. Haha. We were on our way to the zoo a few years back and we pass through Hillcrest to get there and we couldn't figure out why we were stuck in sooooo much traffic. There were rainbow flags/colors EVERYWHERE even on Jack In The Box and we soon discovered it was for the gay pride parade. It was pretty awesome though seeing all of the people dressed up and excited.

    San Diego is a very large place so narrowing down your search area (equal distance between your work and YH's work, how close you want to be to the beach versus inland, etc) would probably be best then we can help you some more. :)

    Confession: I got way too excited thinking this was a thread for San Diego Moms to get together... :\">
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  • PPs hadn't pod suggestions. I'm 45 minutes north of Hillcrest so the other ladies are better qualified to answer.

    But welcome!! I've lived here 11 years and love it!
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  • Thanks everyone for your suggestions!  

    @JA82406 DH is doing the SAHD thing for now.  He wants to go back to work, but is thinking a career change. However, he doesn't really know what he wants to do so he may be staying at home for awhile.    I think we probably want to be closer to the beach than inland.   Also, I would love if there was a get together.  I know I've only recently been posting more and still not as much as some, but I won't know anyone there and will need friends :)

    @golfergirl08.  University heights sounds like it may be a good fit.   We are planning to rent an apartment or condo.  Does this neighborhood have a lot of rental type property?  Are the many shops/ restaurants in walking distance?

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  • I really wish we could all do a get together! I need friends too! ;)
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  • I have lived in SD my whole life and I love it! I live about 20 minutes north of Hillcrest, in the Mira Mesa/Penasquitos/Scripps Ranch area. If you don't mind driving that far these are pretty nice communities to check out. It's very suburban over here and not too far from beaches such as La Jolla, Torrey Pines, and Del Mar.


  • I'm down for a meet up!
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    Lets do thisssss! @adinashoshana‌ @inluv4life2‌ @golfergirl08‌

    We should meet up! Someone organize this and make it happen! :D

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  • I love SD! I lived there for 8 years and just moved to a suburb (Temecula) about an hour away and miss SD so much. I would recommend living in Hilcrest, little Italy, bankers hill, or maybe north park. All are close to your work and great neighborhoods.
  • I used to live in San Diego. I lived in North Park and South Park--both close to Hillcrest but cheaper. I would definitely recommend looking at all the little neighborhoods around Hillcrest. Downtown is ok, but the smaller neighborhoods north and east of downtown and Balboa park are more interesting and cheaper. As PP said, avoid mission valley. It is close but it is the worst.

    I would recommend checking out:

    -North Park (more mixed neighborhood--families, young hipsters, etc) Cheaper than hillcrest or university heights
    -South Park (more families, but definitely great)
    -University Heights
    -Normal Heights
    -Golden Hill
    -Mission Hills

    Craigslist is a good place to start to get an idea of prices and space.

  • annie0714 University Heights is great! Lots of great restaurants/bars and a cute park too.  I moved here from Texas almost three years ago and I live the the community right next to it, Normal Heights.  I am due in June but feel free to contact me and I would be happy to show you around!
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