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Manhattan December babies?

I am a first time mom, as well as the first of my friends to have a baby.  While my cousin have had children I don't live especially close to them.  I'm only a few weeks along but I would love to connect with other moms, or moms-to-be in the Manhattan area.


Re: Manhattan December babies?

  • Hi Danielle! Congrats! I'm a Manhattan December first time mom to be as well =) I'm only a few weeks along as well (EDD 12/18), but it would be fun to connect in the near future. 

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  • I'm a Manhattan mom too, due 12/5! 
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  • i'm a future mom to be living in williamsburg. due 12/12
  • Another Manhattan first time mom-to-be here, due 12/2! Congrats!
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  • Hi! I'm also a first time mom in the city, due 12/31:) Would anyone be interested in going to a prenatal yoga class or another prenatal fitness class?

    I will be traveling for work for the next 2 weeks but after that was thinking of trying one. Let me know if you are interested or have any suggestions

  • Nicole I'd like to join at some point, but my doctor has told me to take it easy until the end of my first trimester…I was diagnosed today with a subchorionic hematoma so she wants me to rest as much as possible until mid-June…after that I'd be up to joining you for yoga, i'll also extend the invitation to anyone who wants to join me in my zumba class once I return :-) 
  • I hope everything will be Ok and totally understand, better to be safe! I'll write you in the beginning of June so we can figure out where we want to go maybe in July.

    Stay rested and talk soon! Anyone else is more than welcome to join if interested, just keep an eye out on this post:)
  • bcallaobcallao member
    Hi everyone, I am also a first time mom to be (Dec 5 is my due date). I was hoping to check out the prenatal yoga center on W 72nd at some point in the coming weeks. Most of the reviews on yelp are very positive in terms of the classes and instructors, although it does sound like it gets packed. When everyone is ready and around, you can find their schedule here:
  • Danielle,
    Just wanted you to know I also was diagnosed with subchorionic hematoma- I actually had to fly back from my work trip early- I thought I was miscarrying, thankfully it was just a scare. Very stressful! My doctor said I should be OK to exercise by July. What area of the city is best for you? I am on the east side.

    Def would maybe like to try the one on west 72nd
  • bstensbstens member
    I'm a first time expecting mom in Manhattan as well! Due in January, but would also love to connect to others at some point!

  • I'm a STM (my first just turned 1 in March).
    I am due in Nov but would love to connect with other Winter NYC moms!!
    I work in Midtown and live in Harlem. Has anyone taken the classes (yoga or pilates) at Pea in a Pod on 57th St? I was thinking of trying one...

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  • Me too: Dec 8!

    Have you ladies picked your Dr? I'm with Dr. Kenneth Kaplan but picked him off ZocDoc & would feel SO much better to hear a personal review from someone. 
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    Hi December moms! First time mom to be, i'm due Dec 11, 2014. so that makes me 14 weeks today. Question for first time moms, what was your experience at your first appointment with your OB?

    My OB was a little rushed and left me with more questions than answers, i've seen her 4 times now and her demeanor remains the same, nice enough, isn't forthcoming with information, making me ask basic questions like, do I have a low risk pregnancy, my answer was - with a shoulder shrug - yeah...everything looks fine.... and i have so many more like stories

    Not sure if this is the norm but I'm looking for a new OB, wondering if I've got more of the same to look forward to?

    Also, any thoughts on Cornell for delivery and post labor?

  • I've bad friends that delivered in cornel and were thrilled.
  • I was just wondering if any of you ladies would be interested in have an expectant mom's dinner at some point towards the end of August or later.  I am on the Upper West Side but I'll go wherever the majority of people are.  I don't actually get on here as often as I want so if you're interested send me and email ([email protected]).  I'll also try to come on here more often that I have been recently.  I'm finishing up graduate school and it's been absolutely crazy the last several weeks!

  • Hi everyone, I am also a first time mom, and I live midtown. Due in Feb! Danielle, I am in graduate school too! Looking to connect with others due in Jan / Feb.
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