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  • Hi Ladies!!

    I'm one day shy of being 24weeks. I live in Clinton Hill/Bed Stuy. I'm 37 single and pregnant. This pregnancy was planned with a friend but I'm having the baby mostly on my own. The dad will be involved but at this point, he's not around so much. This is my first baby. I have no clue what I'm doing, but most women I talk to, say no one knows. :) I'm having a home birth. I have a midwife and doula. My Edd is Feb 22. I'm looking to meet, some awesome moms, as of now, I'm the first of my friends to have a kid.

    Happy Halloween Ladies!
  • Bed-Stuy- first time mom, EDD May23rd. Married. 30yo. Work from home.
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  • Hi everyone. Living in bay ridge born and raised in sunset/boro park. 29 FTM married giving birth at the birthing center. 14 weeks and EDD June 7th. Curious on what kind of strollers you are looking into or have?
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  • Hi all,

    I'm 34, in Carroll Gardens and this is my first baby.  It is due July 5th, and I am getting married in April.  Looking forward to meeting some other neighborhood moms! (I still can't believe that term will apply to me!)
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    Hey! I'm 37, live in Kensington/Windsor Terrace right by prospect park and Ocean Parkway/church avenue. Due August 28 2015! We been trying over a year and are so happy to finally be here!! I was hoping for Brooklyn birthing center but they have a wait list now. They are the only birthing center in the city besides Roosevelt but that's sooo far away I would prefer to deliver in Brooklyn. I am a park slope food coop member and love it...I like to quilt, cook, read, etc. I was going to say go out dancing (I'm a tech house fan) but haven't wanted a super late night in a while. I'm also a deadhead. Go figure. Anyway glad to be here maybe I'll make a mom friend! :) I have lots of friends who are moms but none live in Brooklyn.
    TTC#1 since Aug 2013, I'm 37, DH 41.  
    Maya Arvigo Abdominal massage (daily self care), plus TTC meditations.
    I'm very sensitive to diet (gluten, avoid processed foods) and environment. Have a history of inflammation and tendinitis before going off gluten in 2009.  
    July 2014 - RE Visit #1: Eggs look good, Endometrioma on R ovary, HSG showed blocked R tube close to ovary. DH SA normal 
    DX: Endometriosis probably the IF cause and gunking up tubes.  Since egg reserve is high, RE says I can wait a couple months and then get laproscopic surgery to remove endo & clear tube.  If that doesn't help then move to IVF. 
    Dec 2014 - Saw new RE - does not recommend surgery on tube as it isn't likely to help.  Doubts I have endometriosis.  My endometrioma shrunk to neglible size (yay!) 
    Seriously considering IVF in March/April
    12/17/14 - Natural BFP! 
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  • Hi!

    I'm a 35 y/o 1st timer living in Bed-Stuy. We just settled on a midwife--why? Cause I totally read "The Kind Mama" & I wanna be a mommy goddess--lol! Kidding! I come from a huge family of women & have seen it done so many times that I TRULY believe in my body's natural abilities... may be kicking myself later--hahah!
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  • Thanks! We ended up getting a valco snap 4 because it's light weight too. And after we got ours a few friends have gotten one too. Thanks for the advice. I had a hard time figuring it out and didn't even check the britax system.
  • Hello ladies,

    My name is Fran and I have an almost one year old daughter. I am also a personal trainer and was thinking of starting a mommy and me workout group in Marine Park. I started doing mommy and me workouts when my daughter was 3 months and we both enjoyed the experience very much. You get quality bonding time with baby while simultaneously getting in shape and losing the pregnancy weight. If anyone is interested please message me. We can start in April (winter should be over by then I hope :)). 
  • Hey ladies, it's nice to meet you all!  I recently moved to NY last fall from Philadelphia and am in Clinton Hill. I'm 30, married, and 9 weeks 2 days pregnant and just got my first ultrasound that showed everything is looking good (have had 3 m/c prior). I've decided to go with Methodist as it's close, I've heard great things about it, and that's where my awesome Ob-Gyn is (Dr. Paone). I'm definitely interested in meeting some Brooklyn moms-to-be. I'm really starting to feel just so green about all of this. I didn't grow up around a lot of kids and so much of this is foreign to me!

    Also, I'm super nervous about is finding affordable daycare options. This city is crazy expensive! And it looks like every daycare has a waitlist too. I know, I'm getting way ahead of myself, but what can I say, I'm a planner. Does anyone have any recommendations for nannies or daycares?
  • Hello Brooklyn Moms! I'm 32 years old, married and 20w 3d pregnant with our first! I live in bensonhurst and work in midtown Manhattan. I'll be delivering at Methodist. Excited for our sonogram this Thursday - hopefully baby will cooperate and we will find out if it's a boy or girl!!!!!! I'm also interested in meeting some brooklyn moms ....maybe we can plan some future play dates or strolls in the park
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    Hi! I'm Sharon, 24. This is my first baby and I'm at 14 weeks. Due date is Christmas Eve! And I'm in bedstuy :)
  • Hi Ladies! I live by the Flatbush junction (last stop on 2 train) currently 11 weeks with a EDD of Jan 20 2016! :\">
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    Hi ladies- I'm Cara. 31, married, ftm. Just got my BFP this week and estimate I'm about 4w6d. Moving to downtown Brooklyn in August and overwhelmed at the idea of finding an ob in NYC that delivers at a convenient hospital with all the "check" marks. I've been using an ob-gyn at the NYU women's center on the UES for the past few years but just can't imagine myself commuting there for every appointment when I will be living and working in downtown Brooklyn. Any suggestions would be so appreciated. I've heard it's hard to switch docs after you've been seen and im trying to schedule my first appointment. So I'd like to make the right choice the first time around. Thanks!
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