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Brooklyn Moms to be?

to all my ladies in the place with style & grace.....

I'm wondering how you are feeling here in Brooklyn, when you are due and what do you want to talk about? Just anything i guess. I'm 32, Married & having my first baby, currently at 16 weeks and still feeling very green....

Re: Brooklyn Moms to be?

  • Hi!
    I am also in Brooklyn-Prospect Heights, 32, married and having my first baby. I'm 15 weeks. Where are you in BK? Where you delivering? I'm going with Methodist. I'm feeling green myself. Nice to hear there is someone in the same boat out there!
  • Hi ladies!
    I'm in Carroll Gardens, 34, married, and having my 2nd baby. I'm 31w5d. I'm delivering at St. Luke's Roosevelt, hopefully in the birth center. Have you signed up for a childbirth class?  Mine went over all the ins and outs of pregnancy, labor, pain relief options (both medicinal and natural) as well as basic newborn care. That really helped me feel prepared the 1st time. Take care of yourselves and your babies and get plenty of rest.
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  • hi Weinbergboo! I live insheepshead Bay, but I'm a born and bred Park Slope girl. I still work in the slope. I am also going to be delivering at Methodist. I haven' done any of the tours yet, but I signed up for the classes in July. I'm just now feeling better from the constant all day sickness (18wks) 
    I hope you feel better soon too! 
  • Hey Knirish! I am signed up for some childbirth classes in July. I'm glad to hear that you found them helpful, I hope these will help prepare me because I'm very nervous about newborns. In fact when my friends had kids I never held them as newborns, probably not until they were about three old. I need to get over this fear quick haha. I will be delivering at Methodist Hospital and I'm keeping fingers crossed for an "easy" delivery  =)
  • Don't be afraid to ask all kinds of questions during your classes; that is why you are there! I guarantee you that they've heard it all before. Where are you taking classes? I did Brooklyn Birth in Park Slope.
  • Im doing the classes through Methodist hospital. im so excited about this experience, at first i was scared, now im excited, im sure I'll be nervous again soon.
  • maw516maw516 member
    Hi Ladies, 

    I am in Clinton Hill- Brooklyn, 34 and 13w2d with my first...a little girl.  Looking forward to getting to know everyone!  I'm delivery at Weill Cornell in Manhattan.
  • Hi all! I'm a bedstuy mom at 13 weeks my edd is 11/14
  • hi @Maw516  how exciting!!! Im also having my first also a little girl!!!! Im a little further along (21 wks) How have you been feeling?
  • hi @iheartscraps Congratulations on your coming bundle!!! Is this your first child? How are you feeling?? I live in Sheepshead Bay, but I'm a Park Slope girl (born and raised.. still work here too) 

  • I'm feeling great but tired! It's my second and the first one I 21 years my daughter is 21! So I feel like this is so new and it's pretty much a miracle baby.
  • @jazmoBee10810:  I love Park Slope but its getting away to crowded!  Thank you for responding!  I would love Sheepshead Bay, but its so inaccessible for my job.   Is this your first, are you a SAHM?

    hi @iheartscraps Congratulations on your coming bundle!!! Is this your first child? How are you feeling?? I live in Sheepshead Bay, but I'm a Park Slope girl (born and raised.. still work here too) 

  • @Maw516  I used to live in Clinton Hill we moved over to the Stuy bigger and more affordable, when are you due?  I'm due the 16 November.   
  • maw516maw516 member
    Hi ladies!  

    @iheartscraps - But still very close--I actually just moved a week ago from Boerum Hill so I"m still getting to know the area.  Let me know if you have any good recommendations. I am actually due November 15th so right around the same time as you are.  Are you going to be looking for a nanny or day care in the area?

    @jazmobee10810- I have been feeling really good, actually.  Just pretty tired but that might be because we just moved and have been pretty overwhelmed with all of the unpacking.  How about you?
  • I'm thinking of doing a nanny because the day care I went into today was 1400 on vanderbilt for 4 days a week and I didn't get a good feeling.  A nanny wouldn't be that much more since I get out of work at 3 pm.   I'm actually considering getting a nanny drop off situation near my job.  Essentially I will take the baby to the nanny.
  • hi @iheartscraps Congratulations on your coming bundle!!! Is this your first child? How are you feeling?? I live in Sheepshead Bay, but I'm a Park Slope girl (born and raised.. still work here too) 
    @JazmoBee10810  Nope second one but my daughter is 21!!! Go go figure.
  • @iheartscraps I work part time in Park Slope Sheepshead is pretty out there my commute is about an hour and fifteen minutes. =(
  • @maw516  my due date is Sept. 23.  This is my First Baby!!! A little girl!!!  I have had terrible nausea/vomiting since the beginning, but its finally more manageable and less frequent (after 21 weeks!!!) @iheartscraps your daughter is going to be so close to her brother/sister, Im 21 years older than my youngest sibling and he really is the light of my life, I feel like hes my son sometimes. 
  • @iheartscraps I think a nanny is always a great fit when it can be afforded, you can get a better feel for a person and you know that your child has that undivided attention. That's not to say daycare centers are not a great option especially for socialization and stuff like that, but they are expensive and its hard to find one that fits your schedule and has openings (at least for me). Thankfully my in laws will help us out since hubby gets home by 2pm and leave my house for work at 930am so its a few hours three days. 
  • Ooooh i'm in brooklyn, close to queens though!   This is great.

    DH: 43, No problems, first marriage no children Me: PCOS, history of miscarriages, ectopic one darling daughter from previous marriage. Daughter 20! Embryo TRansfer: April 1, 2013 of two embryos! Stevie and Charlie are on their way! IAmPregnant Ticker
  • bkmamabkmama member
    I'm in Bay Ridge! 7 weeks 1 day, 25 years old (young!), with BF of 4+ years (we will be getting hitched sometime soon). Definitely feeling green and a little overwhelmed!
  • I'm in Boerum Hill, 34 yrs old and married. This will be our first; I'm 9 and a half weeks along, EDD 12/16. I'm delivering at NY Downtown Hospital, my ob is a Weill Cornell doctor. I'm so
    happy I found this thread!

    I'm impressed with all of the planning you all have done for child care, etc. I am still getting used to the idea that I'm pregnant! We've told my family
    and some of my husband's. We're waiting to tell his parents in person over Memorial Day. I'm excited to tell some close friends tonight at my birthday dinner. It's been tough keeping the secret!

    @knirish1‌ would you recommend Brooklyn Birth?
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  • @BrainCellSup Yes, I definitely would. It is run by two exceedingly knowledgable women who do everything to make you feel comfortable with both your pregnancy and new baby. The group was small enough that everyone got to know each other but diverse enough to have a variety of backgrounds, experiences and birth plans.  Have a great birthday dinner and congratulations!

  • Thanks so much!!! I'm going to look it up right now.
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  • Not sure if anyone is reading this thread anymore...but it's worth a shot! I live in Carroll Gardens. I'm 34, married, and expecting my 1st. Currently 12 weeks. I'm delivering at St. Lukes/Roosevelt. I'm hoping to meet some Brooklyn moms!! I have no mom friends in the area!

  • @lauren.shap- I'm reading the thread! Welcome! I am 31, I live in Ditmas Park and I'm married. I am also expecting my first. I'm currently 7 wks and I am still deciding where to deliver and what OBGyn I should use. Are you happy with your OB? I have an amazing Gyn that I was seeing for fibroids in Manhattan and she has OBs connected to her office, but I am a bit afraid of having to drive into Manhattan when it comes time to deliver. All I can think of is crazy NYC traffic...Anyway, good to meet you.
  • dani727dani727 member
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  • hi @lauren.shap & @dani727  I check this out too every so often! Welcome to oth of you and of course congratulations on your pregnancies!!! I'm Jazz, 32 & married, from Park Slope (living in sheepshead bay..waaa) currently 30 weeks along with my 1st baby! 

    @dani727, I have a wonderful OBGYN his name is Andrew DeFazio and he's affiliated with New York Methodist Hospital. Feel free to message me for his details! he has three offices, two in brooklyn one in SI. 

    @lauren.shap  I think all of us Brooklyn ladies can be friends!!!
    dani727[Deleted User]
  • Hi all,

    I'm glad to see more recent posts on this thread; and glad I thought to check it again! I don't have much to say except I'm here and also interested in meeting more Brooklyn moms/moms-to-be!

    I really like my doctor, Christina Kong at NY Downtown Hospital, however she doesn't deliver. I've met one of the doctors who does at my ultrasounds, and he's very friendly so I'm happy to have that reassurance so far. looking forward to more discussions in the future!
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  • jb0424jb0424 member
    Congrats Gals! This is my first post since discovering my pregnancy. I'm from Bensonhurt Brooklyn and I work in Brighton Beach/Sheepshead bay area. My OBGYN is affiliated with Methodist so I will be there as well. I'm only 5 weeks and completely lost my appetite for the past week or so. Is this common?
  • I'm in Lefferts, 5w now w/ first. I'm 36, married only a year, wasn't necessarily planning to get pregnant for 6 mon or so, but happy about it. Anyway, I have no appetite, either. No morning sickness, just not into eating.
  • Another week and I still feel this way. I'm sticking to a lot of fruits and salads. I was informed about an "inversion" phase when all I want to do is eat! I wonder if that's ever going to happen?!? I'm having my first visit Monday. Let's see what the doctor says.
  • Hi @jb0424 and congratulations!!! Yes, I think its common to lose your appetite at first. i was super sick my first trimester and lost a ton of weight ( not a good time, kind of a horror story, I'll spare you the details) Even if you arent hungry try to at least graze... sometimes eating less but more often helps.. I live out by marine park sheepshead bay and am 34 weeks along!!!  Methodist is a grea  hospital and the L&D dept is amazing!!! Good Luck to you!!!! 
  • Im so glad this thread seems to be up and running again. I'm going to make sure to check in more often. I'm due Jan 6th so I'm usually hanging with the Jan2015 bumpies.

  • Hi I'm 27 married and 10 weeks along with my second baby, I live in Bensonhurst but born and raised in sheepshead bay. I will be delivering at Maimonides hospital in March.
  • Thanks Jazmobee for the response! I didn't think anyone was out there. After going to the doc, I feel much better. My appetite is growing and last night I ate 4 slices of L & B pizza... I had lost 4 lbs but since put 2 more back on. How does it feel to be 34 weeks? I wish you all the best with your delivery.
  • Hi BK ladies!  I'm 34 & married in Boerum/Cobble HIll.  6w5d today with our 1st and due in late April.  I'm really happy this thread was started.  I don't have many mom friends in the area so it's great to have somewhere to come for local advice :).    

    I'm delivering at NYU and have my first doc appt on 9/9.  It still seems so far away!  Good luck to you all :)
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  • Hey ladies,

    I'm 39, living in Cobble Hill with my husband, and pregnant with our first baby. I'm at 27 weeks and still a bit nervous about all the changes.
    I'm delivering at NY Presbyterian.

    I'm just starting to feel like this is all happening and there is so much to do!
    None of my friends have kids, so it's nice to find a group to talk to.
    Is anyone thinking about using a doula?
    I definitely would love a recommendation ;)

  • @antagonist I'm also at 27 weeks, and since my realization about having a baby comes and goes, so do the nerves. This is probably a self-preservation instinct.

    I'm not thinking of using a doula, but maybe your hospital has a list or recommendations of where to find one?
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  • i'm 5w3d.. still very early. i live in williamsburg/greenpoint. would love to meet other local moms because i think we're doing a nanny and would love a nanny share
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