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Building your stash.

I have been researching all different types of CDs and I would really like to find a good AI2/Hybrid (Correct me if those are actual two different kinds, I'm new to this) to check out. 

Please also list favorite types/brands/links/prices and whether snaps or H&L are better... all for the first 6 months of babies life! Thanks! 

Re: Building your stash.

  • Babies fit in newborn diapers for the first few weeks. One size starts fitting at 10-12 pounds and usually last until potty training. So there isn't really an AI2 I can think of that you can use straight from birth.

    For OS I like Flips, and lots of people like Best Bottoms.
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  • The best AI2 for the NB stage is actually prefolds or flats and covers. Like ITK said you need NB size for the first 2-6 weeks depending on your baby's size (more chunkiness of thighs not weight related).

    The nice thing about prefolds/flats with covers is they are cheap. There is a bit of a learning curve, but once you get through the first day or two you'll be a pro. If you use a snappi, boingos, or pins you'll need around 15 diapers and 3 covers to wash every day, twice that to wash EOD.

    I like Best bottoms the best as far as true hybrids go for the OS stage, but I also really like a tri-folded prefold or flat in a cover too.

    I prefer aplix(Velcro) for the NB stage because you can get a better fit. I like mostly snaps for the bigger sizes because they hold up better and my little guy can open aplix.
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    I've only used Apple Cheeks AI2s and while I do really like them, they still don't fit my 2 month old perfectly because she is a skinny little one, so probably not the best unless you have a big newborn.

  • I have grovias but in retrospect would rather have gotten best bottoms. Our grovias started fitting around 6 weeks, when she hit about 9 lbs.
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  • Also, at 6 months, she's starting to open her aplix diapers, so I'm glad most of our stash is snaps. However the adjustability of the Velcro is nice when babe was tiny.
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  • I love thirsties duo aio. Comes in two sizes. 
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  • As much as I LOVE best bottoms, they aren't great for EBF poo and you will go through a lot more covers. Once you're past the NB frequent poo stage, BBs rock!
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  • I think "hybrid" usually refers to AI2 diapering systems that have an option of using disposable inserts with the reusable cover/shell (Flips, grovia, gdiapers).

    People tend to like H&L because its closer to what people are used to with putting disposables on (many people go with H&L for babysitters/daycare/relatives that are not used to cloth) and because its a continuous adjustment around the waist it can provide a better fit particularly for smaller babies (where as with snaps sometimes it feels like snapping here is too tight, but snapping the next one over is too loose).
    People tend to like snaps because its easier to care for / last longer than H&L closures.  And toddlers have a harder time getting them undone.

    Most One-Size diapers will not fit newborns.  If you want to cloth diaper from birth you will need diapers sized for newborns.  The cheapest option is prefolds (or flats) with covers. 

    I did find that my Softbum Echo AI2 fit at birth.  Rather than having rise snaps you adjust the leg elastic to make the diaper fit, so it can be made to fit a skinny legged newborn.  And since the extra shell fabric is distributed around the diaper rather than folded up, the Echo with the mini-pod insert was just as trim as most of my newborn sized diapers (AIOs or prefolds+covers). 

    BestBottoms are my favorite AI2.  I like the double gussets, that the inside of the shell is wipe-able PUL so you can get multiple uses out of each shell before needing to wash it, and that the inserts snap back&front so that they can't shift.
    I was able to use the BestBottoms shell as a cover over snappied newborn prefolds starting around 2 weeks (once the cord fell off), they fit fine at legs & waist but they were rather bulky compared newborn covers, so I only resorted to using them if I was out of other covers. By 4 weeks they were looking less overwhelming, and we started to occasionally use the small inserts in them.  At that point my LO was still pooping nearly every change, so we usually only got 1 use from the BestBottom shell.  Around 6-8 weeks my LO transitioned to only pooping 1-2times daily and we started to really love the BestBottoms.  At 3 months we undid the rise snap one setting and moved up to the medium sized inserts.
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  • TJ1979 said:
    As much as I LOVE best bottoms, they aren't great for EBF poo and you will go through a lot more covers. Once you're past the NB frequent poo stage, BBs rock!
    This. And that frequent poo stage can last a long time. Depends on the baby. At 6 months DS had settled down to 6-8 times a day. (I hear some babies only poop once a week!) I'm the type where if there's poop on the cover I will just toss it in the diaper bin. I didn't have the time or patience to hand wash and hang up. So if we had done something like BBs, we probably would have wanted at least 18 covers. Which is a lot. With prefolds we only needed 5-6 covers.

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