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XP: Highlander and Britax?

Hi Everyone!   I am wondering if any of you drive a Toyota Highlander and if so, where did you put your RF carseat?  The center seat is a bit small and wonky, I am not sure if the base would fit.


Re: XP: Highlander and Britax?

  • I have a highlander and just out the seat behind the driver seat. Fit perfectly. I now have a convertible seat (britax advocate with the giant sides and he is still rear facing) and that fits great and is easy to install behind the driver too. My husband is 6'2" and he can drive with the seat behind him no problem. We are 22 weeks pregnant with number two and I will probably just put the baby on the other side.
  • We have a Rav4. We also installed behind driver seat. Works great.
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  • We've got a Highlander and have our b safe behind the driver. Fits perfect, even if my 6'1 DH drives.
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