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I know I post this time and time again, but what are your toddler's fav foods these days?  Are you having trouble with any food group?

We are introducing foods every day but she doesnt like meat. She'll eat turkey breast but I dont like to give it to her too often.  Fruit is her #1 choice and she likes eggs and avocado.

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  • Sammie changes dailym.this week sweet potato is out so are peas... I expect tbey will be ok again I. A week.
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  • D loves fruit, but only a few vegetables. Avocados, tomatoes, and potatoes are favorites. Sometimes I give him veggie pouches instead.  Applesauce is a big hit around here. Apple cinnamon cheerios, boar's head 42% lower sodium ham cut into chunks, tyson chicken fries, frozen fruit, whole grain waffles.
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  • We are a bit repetitive these days.  I used to be able to give DD pieces of whatever I was eating, but lately she's been more picky.  Even within one meal, she can go from liking something to hating something to liking it again.  Anyway, eggs and cottage cheese are pretty safe bets.  She does pretty good with waffles, pancakes, and french toast for breakfast.  Sandwiches, paninis, or grilled cheese are generally "accepted" by DD.  Graham crackers are our go to snack.  Blue berries and watermelon are either a major favorite or something that she hates.  

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  • We are in a pretty good routine. Breakfast is toast with avocado or jelly. Some kind of fruit and yogurt. Lunch is either a grilled cheese, turkey wrap, or dinner leftovers with fruit. dinner can be lots of things. Ground turkey brown rice veggies etc. I try to have protein for dinner and a veggie too. He's pretty easy to please.
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  • Anything I'm eating. She recently got into if we make something with caper juice, she is in. Faves are frozen berries, penne with vodka sauce, cheez its (not my proudest parenting admission. They are so salty. Hard to find a balance with capers, for example), eel rolls, olives, sweet potato strips we bake, eggs, pear, spinach. We make her a mini pizza that she loves. I just introduced her to graham crackers. She likes to dip them in milk. 
  • We have trouble with meats - particularly when she is sick.
  • N used to eat anything and everything.

    Now, some days it's bread, fruit and yogurt only. He will also eat rice or pasta.
    So, I make French toast to get egg into him (scrambled eggs used to be a favourite, but now he refuses them).
    Fruit is fruit...I don't alter it.
    Yogurt, we add in a dry cereal to add crunch and volume.

    He will eat goldfish and other crackers and usually cheese for snacks.

    He refuses all meat now (used to love all meat). I don't remember the last time he ate a veggie.
  • LO is a pretty good eater-- loves all veggies, beans, tofu, yogurt, cereal, fruit etc.  Crackers and cheese are her current favorites.  Not a huge fan of meat, though will eat sliced turkey breast and meat if it is chopped fine in veggies/sauce.

    we've fallen into a bit of a routine with oatmeal, yogurt, fruit for breakfast, leftovers of whatever we had for lunch and dinner, plus additional servings of fruit, veggies, and beans or tofu to fill in the gaps.  About once or twice a week she also gets a peanut butter and jelly sandwich when we are running low on leftovers.

    a big favorite here is crock pot lentil/vegetable stew with either noodles, rice or barley


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    B loves meat, bread and cookies/crackers, but he still seems to be bothered by textures of most fruit and veggies.. if its squishy or slimey, he just throws it on the floor. I offer berries, orange slices, green beans, and/or peas at meals, but end up having to purée or mix things with yogurt or applesauce.
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  • A loves pasta and beans. She will eat some vegetables and last few days has been refusing all meat. Luckily she will have some cheese and yogurt, otherwise she would not have any protein.
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