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I just need to vent...

This isn't necessarily a special needs vent but yesterday was so rough for me that I need to talk through it...

We had our library class yesterday like we do weekly. We all stay to play a bit afterwards and DS1 has been enjoying the kids and wee had play dates recently with some of them. About a month and a half ago he was doing so well with sharing that I thought we were turning a page. But yesterday he had to have all the trucks and melted down hard when one of the little girls wanted to play with one truck. He freaked out so hard it made her cry. And all the silent judging that was going on nearly killed me :(

I was so embarrassed and disappointed I didn't know what to do!

I just worry that this behaviour will drive other kids away and he already has a hard time making friends with his apraxia. I worry so much about him...

Fwiw he'll be three in a few weeks.

Thanks for listening!

Re: I just need to vent...

  • Its tough to share toys with any child, they need gentle reminders at even 4yo.

    If these were his cars, I wouldnt bring them into the class the next time. Also try practicing sharing at home amongst family. Favorite foods & toys are wonderful practice...mommy & daddy.needs to show their sharing skills of their favorite things to.help LO understand
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  • I know it feels like everyone was judging you, but my bet would be that the other parents were just thankful that someone else's child was the one melting down. At that age they all have meltdowns sometimes. DD1 was prone to outbursts at 3 and still struggles with self-regulation, but I try to remind myself that I've seen every kid in DD2's preschool class lose it at least once, and the kindy girls come off the bus in tears every couple of weeks, too. 

    I'm sorry you had a rough day, though. That really sucks.
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  • I'm sorry you had a bad day. Definitely been there. Kids are all feral at this age. I think knowing his issues I was/am always a much harsher judge than other parents ever were/are. 
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  • Thanks ladies! You made me feel so much better!!
  • We had the same exact thing happen two days ago. DS2 will also be 3 in a few weeks. I was mortified, especially since he had been doing so well.
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