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Sorry if tmi, I was about 7 weeks along and around 5 weeks I ha some really light spotting that only lasted half a day.. It went away. Then at about 7 weeks I had spotting again which I thought was from me being to active because it would go away very time I relaxed. Well this last Friday I started going away( it was always a very light orange color) I was thinking it would go away. Woke up Saturday morning to very light cramps not in pain at all but was bleeding pretty heavy.. Within the hour I went to the bathroom and passed what I believe was the sack. My question is; Is it normal not to have pain while miscarrying? I keep seeing everyone talk about how they couldn't walk just crunched over in a ball.. Dr said to wait two weeks and take another test to make sure.

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  • I'm not sure because I had a d&c, but you really need to see a doctor. I have no idea what your doctor is thinking with that advice!

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  • She wants me to take another test in two weeks and give a call back with the results.. I'm not bleeding heavily just normal period like.. Never had bad cramps. Passed what looked like tissue.. Is that not normal for them to say?
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    I believe the norm is for your doctor to want to examine you and do an ultrasound.

    Typically they want to make sure if you are miscarrying you pass everything.
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  • I think it is different for each woman on the amount if pain and bleeding and also depends on how far along the baby actually grew. As long as you are not having a very scary amount of bleeding then waiting the few weeks will probably be okay. But if you start bleeding a lot or suddenly have pain don't hesitate to go to the ER or call your doctor.

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  • As far as the pain, it is different for everyone and different depending upon how far along you are. I had 1 physically painless miscarriage and 1 that was excruciatingly painful, as painful as childbirth (I have a son). So I am 1 person and have had 2 totally different experiences.

    I will say, though, you need to see a doctor. There is no way for your doctor to know what is going on with you over the phone. Just because you passed 'something' doesn't mean it was the baby and you could still be pregnant and maybe something is wrong and preventable.

    I would also consider switching OBs. Typically if you are pregnant and bleeding they will see you and take blood or ultrasounds.
  • Hmm now I feel like I want to get mY blood drawn or something..
  • I would think they would have at least requested blood work. They really won't know if you are MC with out blood work to compare your beta hcg levels.
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  • Im just going to go with what my dr reseated.. Take a test in a week and call then with the results and if it comes back positive I will go in that day..she did a great job with me when I had my son( I ended up with preeclampsia) and she was intop of my health so I trust her judgement and choices.. Thanks for your input I'll let you know how it turns out:)
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