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I am begining to do some basic research on nannies v. daycare - we found a daycare in our area but they only take 1 year olds and up (we are in Stamford).  If I am going back to work when LO is 3 months old, I will need a nanny for the following 9 months.  Any ideas how much I should expect to pay per hour for someone who I can really depend on? 

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    We have used 2 nannies within the last year and paid $18/hr (when DDs were 2 and 6 months old) and $15/hr (when DDs were 3 and almost 1.5). Both were unreliable, unfortunately. Also keep in mind that on top of that you are required by law to pay Nanny taxes. Not everyone does this, but just something to keep in mind.
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    I think you should figure on $20 per hour based on your location.  Nannies/babysitters in Fairfield County charge on the higher end.  Some Nannies may hit you up for gas fees as well if they are driving their own car. 
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    I agree with the previous poster in the Stamford area you are looking around $20 an hour. is great because they do background checks etc! Good luck!

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