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Hi Guys,

As we are gearing up TTC, and it's been over 14 years since we've had a newborn.  I realize baby gear has really changed since then.

When my daughter was an infant she suffered from reflux.  Well needless to say, I woke up in the middle of the night to her choking.  All I had back then was a bassinet in my room.  Now I see that they have these co-sleepers, which are cute, but they still don't incline.  I also looked at some of the fisher price rocker sleepers that seem to get great reviews.

Just for baby until reaches 6 months of age then into crib they will go.  But wanted to know if anyone had any experience or preference and/or advice.

Thanks, hope you all are having a fabulous Monday!!

40 yr old.
1 daughter - 14 yrs old
2 miscarriages

Re: Co-Sleepers

  • We had min-cosleeper & rock n play - can only use till about sitting up/rolling over age so 3 maybe 4 or 5 months old if really push it.
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  • We used the rock and play the first few months and then he went into the crib at 4 months.  No real issues.
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  • We wouldn't have made it without the rnp for the first few months - then we moved her to a pnp on her side.  My g/f had a reflux baby and fought the rnp for a month - I finally just dropped it off and once they used it they never looked back - baby moved to crib at 5 months no issues.

    For this new baby we have the rnp, but I also got a full size cosleeper.  We are big fans of baby goes to bed in their own bed (be it crib, rnp, pnp, etc) and then after first feed they can come to our bed.  My daughter slept in our bed from 4am - 8am until 8 months.  We wanted the full size cosleeper to gain back some of our bed :)
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  • Rock 'n Play.  DD slept in that for the first few months, then switched to the pack 'n play.  
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