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I'm stressed out by my visit to McDonalds - only you girls would understand.

Mom, dad.. 4 girls. In line head of us. So loud. Fighting. SO LOUD. Mother made them order their food on their own.. the smallest was maybe 4.  Then maybe a 5 year old, 6, 8.. I dunno? They were all very close in age.  The cashier couldn't hear the little one and had to ask her to repeat 60 times. I wanted to say "ASK THE FUCKING MOTHER WHAT SHE WANTS!" ..  and the mother had to correct every order.  Oldest wants "drink from fountain" and mom says "no no. Give her an apple juice..."  to which I wanted to then say "WHY THE FUCK are you letting them order and changing EACH ORDER!"  I am not kidding when I say it took them 10 minutes.  Come on.  More arguing.  Crap, do you realize how much McDonald's costs for a family of 6? hahaha.. we could go out and sit to eat for less.  Did I mention they argued the whole time? Then "no! that's my happy meal!"  "Oh no, it's mine!"

It seriously stressed me out to watch a family of 6 just try and get McDonald's.

(+ hers and his, ages 13 & 8)
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Re: Stressed!

  • Ordering a hot dog and a milk at our local pub adds ten dollars to our check. We eat out once every other week or so. I can't imagine going out with more than one. As a former waitress, I won't let ds order on his own unless it is slow. Nothing irked me more than having to sit through two toddlers playing the "tell the lady what you want" power struggle in the middle of a Friday night rush.
    On a side note, dh joined us on our trip to Target last night. He was his softies that the cashier at the Starbucks and ds greeted each other like old friends. I bribe him with a milk. He orders his own and flirts with the cashier.
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  • That made me twitchy just reading it. I have 7 siblings, and my parents NEVER let us behave like that in public. We used to sit in separate booths that weren't back to back by the time I was maybe 8 or 10. We would order and eat by ourselves. And I remember getting many compliments on our behavior. I don't know how my mom did it.
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