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Carson or Noah Bedding from Pottery Barn??

Crissers19Crissers19 member
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I originally went in to buy the Carson bedding, but walked out with the Noah. Now I think I might have made the wrong choice! Which do you like better:
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Carson or Noah Bedding from Pottery Barn 47 votes

Carson Bedding
72% 34 votes
Noah Bedding
27% 13 votes

Re: Carson or Noah Bedding from Pottery Barn??

  • asm07asm07 member
    Another option is to buy the sheet from the other set since they both have similar colors. I bought bedding from PBK as well, but ended up just getting the quilt from the set I liked to use with the toddler bed later, then I bought a few coordinating sheets.
    [Deleted User]LittleApple
  • They're both really nice...tough decision but I honestly don't think you could go wrong with either one :)
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  • Noah is really cute! Personally, would just go with the fitted crib sheet from each. Never used crib bumpers due to safety concerns.
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  • amiefamief member
    Personally I like Carson a bit better... but both are cute.  I would probably get one of each (or two and 1) because you'll want a couple of sheets anyway.  Like pp, I didn't get the bumpers or quilts or anything due to safety, so I love that the pbk sheets can be bought separately.  
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  • We're actually going with Carson so I'm a little biased :-)   Noah is really cute too though.  I don't think you can go wrong with either.  I like the ideas pp had about switching up sheets if you want.  I want to get the sheet from Reese to add to our set.

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