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OB Recommendations - South Denver Area

Hey all - I am 5 weeks & looking to schedule my first prenatal with an OB. I'd rather not randomly pick one out of my healthcare directory. Any suggestions or recommendations in the south metro area would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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  • I really like South Denver OB and Midwives.  They deliver at Littleton Adventist.  I'll probably switch to them soon from my current dr (Lisa Becker).  I really like her, but I want to go with a midwife instead and would rather deliver at Littleton Adventist as opposed to Swedish Medical.
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  • If you are still searching for an OB, Liitleton OB/GYN is great.

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  • I go to Women's Healthcare Associates. I prefer Jennifer Lake (was Jennifer Sounart until recently). She's a PA and certified midwife. I love her! She takes so much more time with me than the other doctors. She's very compassionate and easy to talk to. She was also very nice to my husband when he came to my appointments
  • I know you said OB but I'm with University of Colorado Center for Midwifery and would highly recommend them so far. 

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    Is South Denver OB or Women's Healthcare Associates natural childbirth friendly?  Are you assigned one provider, or cycled through all of them?
  • Where does women's healthcare associtates deliver?
  • Women's healthcare associates deliver at littleton, sky ridge and Swedish. Jennifer Lake only delivers at littleton though
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  • And they are very natural birth friendly even the obs. I just had my baby with jennifer at Littleton and it was a good experience

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    Thank you. I just had my first appointment with Denver Health. I was beyond impressed with how NCB-friendly they seemed in the tour, but I felt bullied, belittled and lied to in my first appointment. When I made the appointment, they said there would be no need for an ultrasound until 20 weeks. So, my husband didn't come, and he missed the first ultrasound. He's really upset. I knew what day I conceived, so it was pointless. I just gave up. I was sick about arguing with them about everything. I also had to argue with them about repeatedly about a Pap Smear. I had one a month ago. 

    They screwed up my blood draw, and my arm is in serious pain. I wanted the same TORCH- panel, an expanded infectious disease panel that I had with DD. They said they would have to have it approved by a geneticist. What on earth does infectious disease have to do with genetics? I don't think I can go back there. I liked my prenatal care at Mountain Midwifery, but I risked out last time at 41 weeks, from a bad NST. I think that might be my best option, but I am really researching my hospital options as well. I worry that I will transfer out in labor, and be stuck with a less than ideal provider. Thank you so much for your input, I have a lot to consider now. 
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