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Hi all - 
I'm *just* starting to plan, but figured I'd pick your brains in the process :)  I"m doing a school bus theme party for DD's birthday.  I'm going to do a school bus cake and use black and yellow as the colors.  It's not going to be a big bash, and I'm pretty sure we're not going to have any kids there.  So, yes, the theme is pretty much because I LOVE planning parties (hence why I lurk on this board ALL THE TIME).  Though DD will probably flip when she sees the cake.  Any ideas you have are much appreciated.
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Re: School Bus Theme

  • Super cute.  I take it you have a "Wheels on the Bus" fan?

    We just got this for a little 3 year old we know and I would probably use it as a centerpiece - because it becomes something your daughter can keep after.  (It's by Melissa and Doug)


    Depending on the size of the party, I would serve the food in brown paper bags or mini-backpacks, like a "school lunch."  Each bag would have a drink (juice box/milk/soda) a sandwich (pb&j, turkey, ham & cheese) a piece of fruit (apple, orange, banana) and a bag of chips or cookies.  (Obviously if you're doing a morning thing it can be breakfast appropriate)

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  • No ideas. Love the theme! I found great ideas on pinterest
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  • I love the lunch bag idea!  Thanks!  We have the Melissa and Doug bus already - it was a Christmas present.  Funny enough, she's not into the song, but whenever we see a bus the world comes to a stop so she can point it out to us :)  It worked to DH's advantage yesterday - she was throwing a tantrum in the car until she saw a bus!
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