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B&M Monday

It's almost noon and I'm just now sitting down with my (3x) reheated coffee...

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Re: B&M Monday

  • I am working in the same room with two of the most uptight, type As I've ever met. Type A to the point of being obstructive - like so concerned about their own success they will not answer basic questions about, say, when our ad hoc meeting with the boss is.

    At some point this week I'm going to explain the realities of their chosen professions to them. We are in a small market. Everyone knows each other. Unless you are appearing in Nature every week, jobs are handed out because people think they can work in the same hallway as you and not want to  shoot themselves. Shape up, or find a new job.
  • I called to make my first ob appointment and the computer kicked out my married name, again. It means more paperwork for me.

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  • @beane4018 - I don't know why...maybe I'm just in super foul humor, but I read your post and now I'm pissed off. WTH supervisor? Get your s#$% together and supervise!
  • I ran into MIL at the doctor's office while taking DS in to check out a bum rash.

    She asked why we were there. I was vague and said he had a bum problem. She kept asking what it was. Was it yeast? Was it diaper rash? What is it?!
    I said I don't know (because I'm not a doctor-that's why I was there...duh)

    When she left, she immediately called DH to ask him. She was sure I was withholding info. He told her DS had a rash. She was not pleased.

    FFS, it's none of her business. And to call DH AFTER seeing me, because she didn't believe me?!?! Grrrr!!!
  • @Surpriseat39 That would piss me off!  Seriously?  The fact that she called YH after seeing you is just the icing on the cake.  There's no way I could keep my composure and not say anything the next time I see her if I were you.

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  • @CCM82909
    Ya, she does stuff like this occasionally. (Not quite to this extent)

    She also told me she bought a bunch of stuff for the kids for OUR house, that we have already said (several times over the past year) that we DON'T want.
    I'm going to start returning stuff.
  • @Chickie79
    3?? Unfortunately, I knew a guy like that.
    And a girl like that. :(

    Best of luck helping your sister.
  • I wanna B&M..... stupid cramps with no actual period yet (PLEASE don't make me POAS)

    Stupid roommate.. no worries I am so over it that I can actually not GAS anymore... I pretend he doesn't exsist...


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  • @Chickie79 - I feel so bad for your sister. What a blow. So unfair.

    ...and yet, I'm torn because your message has just added the word "douchcanoe" to my vocab.

    But seriously - what an a$$hat.
  • @Chickie79
    Still an ass...
    ...but sadly, I DID know a guy screwing around with 3 or 4 girls at once.

    Hopefully your sister meets someone better next time.

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