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funny words

What words are your LOs saying these days that crack you up?

As of yesterday, "what and why?" 

Also, when she says "no" she says it like 3-4x in a row.  And when she poops, she says "poop" which is awesome so I know its in there and when I change her she says "yuck!"

Re: funny words

  • That's so cute!  M is trying so hard to copy his brother and his excitement/love for trucks. When he sees a truck drive by, he starts "jumping" up and down and yelling "guck"!  I, on the other hand, has now replaced all his "t"s with "f"s, which makes "truck" awesome in public.
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  • AmberEA14 said:
    O says "switch" during nursing when she wants to switch sides. A lot of times she throws a B in there and it sounds like bitch. The other day I told her to say please and it sounded just like she said bitch, please.

  • Emma says a lot of things. Her favorite word is no right now, but she says yeah, banana, juice, shoe (which sometimes sounds like shit), down, up (which sounds like pup), all gone, all done, where it go and there it is, nana, momma, Dada, go and she makes dog sounds and cat sounds.
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  • B attempts to repeat a lot of things, which can get pretty funny. He was pointing to the clock at church last week, so I quietly told him "clock" and, of course, he loudly parroted back something that sounded more like "cock" and made the teens sitting in front of us start giggling uncontrollably.
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  • no words yet.... but I did ask her to say "I love you daddy" and it sounded like Scooby doo saying it
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  • DD's brothers name is Joe, and she calls him Go.  Often Go Go. 

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  • V has quite a few full words and many that he does beginning sounds.

    He says all the Sesame Street characters names. My favorites are Oscar which sounds like "okar",  Cookie which sounds like "cock" and fork....which sounds a lot like "fu*k." Lol. 
    He also does mama, dada, GG for grandma, nana, up, down, wawa for water, dog, cat, bird, mook for milk, eat, ber for berries, no, yes, this, sit, come, book, baby, more, peese for please, tank for thank you, hup for help.

    He also does names of cousins and aunts and uncles. Some full names, some beginning sounds.
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  • Funny word lately is hush. Oh and he copied my mom saying my name.
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  • we haven't graduated to "poop" yet. LO grabs my head and pushes it down towards her butt when she has pooped. I'm eager for the day she can say "poop".

    Over the last two days she has started saying "diaper", "bye bye", "doggie",  "papa" and "apple".  Crazy. Last night she was talking her sleep and said all 8 words she knows and sang the chorus to Old MacDonald. I recorded some of her monologue and it's super cute. Turns out, though, she had a fever...and she has actually been sick it's cute, but I feel kind of guilty for taping it. 
  • Z says cracker but it sounds more like "caw car" and he says it all over dramatic like with his mouth all open wide.  that's what I get for trying to enunciate sounds for him :).  He uses cracker when he's hungry so it's hard to tell if he's hungry or just wants a cracker :). other than that, he says bye-bye, shoe (sue), apple, dada (he just figured out dada means the big tall guy in the house and now is constantly looking for dada when he's not in the house), ball (ba), juice. 
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