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I just wanted to know if any of you use or have used a support band. My back and belly are achy from standing all day at work. I never used one with dd so I'm out of my league here. I'd prefer something I could use PP if it's worth it. Thanks!
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Re: support band

  • I'm using one, it has really helped my lower back and pelvis. I got a It's You Babe Mini Cradle from Amazon for about $13-14.  Totally recommend it.
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  • I've been using mine since the second trimester (two hip surgeries have left me with a really crappy and weak left hip). It's AWESOME. I don't really recommend wearing it while sitting down (it can cut into your hips and dig into your bladder), but it's really awesome any other time. It's enabled me to stay active throughout my pregnancy!
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  • Yes, I got the aofeite belt/band on amazon for like 25-30 bucks. It's great to wear when I'm on my feet a lot, but super uncomfortable to sit in. Definitely helped with my back/hip pain.
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  • I have one thats thicker to support my back,hips and belly cause i have a disease in my joints that messes my joints,my ligaments and mucles up so they arent strong enough to hold her where she is supposed to be and everything else . I found it helped but the further i got along it hurt my belly and she would kick me harder when i wore it and sitting down it would dig into my hips and end up right under my ribs [ i'm really small so i have a mall body frame] but if you can find one that will work up until the end you will love it.
  • I use a Modela support band and I love it.
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