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So embarrassed...ugh!!!

This is going to fall under the category of TMI - but I have to tell you guys!  I was in my boss's office giving him an update on some stuff - just leaning on the doorframe chattering away when all of a sudden - BWAPPPPP.  I totally farted.  Except - it wasn't a "traditional" fart - it was a - um - a queef.  (Queef: blast of air coming from your female nether-regions)  They ALWAYS happen to me right before AF begins - no idea why - but it just happens.  And - unlike the "traditional" version, I cannot simply clench my cheeks together and hold it in - they are a force to be reckoned with - they come with NO warning and they just refuse to be stopped.  (I've even done Kegel exercises to see if that helps - no dice.)  So, I start talking louder and tapping on the doorframe (metal) to make as much noise as possible - then beat feet to the ladies room as soon as I can get myself out of the conversation - making quiet little duck fart noises as I'm walking away. 

I'm 98% certain that no one heard anything - but still - I'm hunched down in my office hoping everyone will just leave me alone!  Anyone else have any mortifying tales to share?

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Re: So embarrassed...ugh!!!

  • I had this happen at work once.  Everytime I moved, I queefed.  I even had the walking queefs.  It seemed like it lasted a long time, but was probably just a few minutes.  I am pretty sure my boss could totally hear it.




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  • LOL!
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  • I'm cracking up! Thanks for making me smile :)

  • Lol! That's funny but totally embarrassing.
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  • omgosh. I hear you on not been able to clench down and hold them in. Unlike the GI variety, I never get the sense they are going to sneak out until it's too late.

  • Ohhhhh gees!!! I'm so sorry you found yourself in this embarrassing situation!!! It sounds like you did a good job covering it up, but still!!! Thanks for sharing :)

    Fortunately for me, I work with kids in a noisy environment, so we all get away with a lot ;)

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