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LO cries all day at sitter.

Hello all, I have a little girl who will be 10 months in just days. When she's with me she's a happy fun baby. We're having issues at the sitter though. For the past few months she's been one on one. Our sitter has been pregnant and the plan was to have our LO stay with a girlfriend of mine who has an at home day care. Our sitter has now had the baby and LO is at the day care. LO loves the other kids at the day care, for the most part she does pretty well. We had a day last week where she just cried all day. My girlfriend called to see if I had any suggestions to calm her down, make her happy. We got through that day assuming it was just a one off and LO had a good rest of the week. I got another message today that again LO is having a very hard day. Crying all the time, very clingy and grumpy. We're trying to figure out what's going on and I asked if maybe LO is over stimulated. It's a possibility, she has little boys playing making noise, doing what boys do. I asked my girlfriend if this was the 2nd time she's really had a bad day. She said LO is typically fussy if she's not being held. -I wasn't aware it was that often. I'm not sure what to do. I don't want my friend pulling her hair out, we can't afford a nanny. Once our regular sitter is ready to return she'll have her baby with her and I'm not sure if she'll manage. I'm sorry this is so long, I'm just looking for any input. LO likes being held, but we don't' hold her all the time at home. I'm not sure why it's different with the sitter. 

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    Can your friend wear your baby at all? You can get a hip healthy carrier for $25 at Target or Babies R Us. 
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  • I would send a shirt of yours to your daycare with your daughter.  I did this when my daughter started going to daycare, younger than 10 months but maybe this would help her too.  Have your friend drape your shirt over her shoulder or lay her on it on the ground during tummy time or something.  Your daughter might be missing you and the smell of you might help her deal with it.  Also when does seperation anxiety set in.....isn't it somewhere in 8-10 months?  Could that be it?  I know my son went through that where he was fine with daycare then all of a sudden it went bad for a while. 
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  • Is she teething? That can make some babies seem anxious and fussy.
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