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Swim diaper question

LO starts swim lessons next month (11 months). I'm looking for a swim suit and swim diaper options. I've found some suits have the swim diaper built in. Anyone have any advice on what worked best for you? Disposable, built into the suit, separate reusable? I anticipate spending a lot of time at the pool and lake this summer too. Any tips would be much appreciated!!

Re: Swim diaper question

  • I have 2 iPlay cloth swim diapers for this upcoming summer, we had one last summer for a couple of times she was going to be in the water and it worked great.  We cloth diaper anyhow so throwing in the swim diaper with a cloth load is not a big deal.  I would think disposables would get gross, but I would probably use them on vacation or something where I was away from my normal cloth wash routine.  

    I haven't seen suits with built in diapers - seems like they would be less secure but I don't know why I think that...
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  • We have used huggies swim diapers since my 11.5month old was about 2 months old.  She's been in weekly swim lessons since 6 months.

    We use cloth diapers regularly but I found it easier to use disposables for the pool.  If she poops we just get out, change and put new one on and go back in (this doesn't happen often anymore).  We did buy a cloth swim diaper in the early months but I was soooo panicked about the BF poops that she wore a disposable under the cloth one :-)  then she outgrew the cloth and I realized it was cheaper and easier just to use the disposables.

    I wouldn't use the ones built into a swim suit.  Seems like a pain to clean and change.  If they are separate you just change the diaper and go back in.


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  • I've been using a reusable diaper from iPlay and haven't had any issues. This is the second one as my son has grown into a bigger size and there have been a few instances where he's had a BM and it's held in. When he pees you can see that that's held in as well. There are snaps on the sides that make taking it off and containing any mess easier than if you had to pull it down as a whole piece. I used to have him wear it under his suit but never got a bigger swim suit so now he just swims in the diaper, it looks like he's wearing a Speedo which is hilarious for whatever reason.
  • Look on they have suits with the built in swim diapers. I used them for 2 years with my oldest. Very pleased with the quality.
  • I've been taking LO swimming for most of her 9 months. I find less is more. We use a Charlie Banana training diaper/swim diaper. I don't put her in a suit, just this (in pink so she's not confused as being boy by others). When it comes to changing her, it's easier to remove just one thing than a swim diaper and a swimsuit. You'll see what I mean when you are trying to change your Lo and yourself after swimming.

    Target is carrying the kind we use, check your local one and enjoy swimming!! We have so much fun!

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  • I love bummis swimmi. It's super easy to get on and off since it's velcro and that also makes it adjustable as they grow. I had an iplay but it was a lot harder to get her in, especially with chunky legs.
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