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Anyone deal with a diaper allergy?

My 10 month old has been breaking out with hives on his legs only. I usually use Pamper's Baby Dry at night and Huggies Little Movers during the day, but recently switched to Pampers Cruisers during the day, about two days after the switch the rash appeared. I have not changed anything else I use on him or anything in his diet or mine (he is breast fed). I noticed the rash is along the diaper line on the thigh as well. He has an appointment with the pediatrician tomorrow.  I was wondering if anyone has ever heard/experienced this.

Re: Anyone deal with a diaper allergy?

  • I've heard of it. I've heard of people switching to cloth because of it. We use cloth, but started for the money savings.

  • I was allergic to diapers. My mom used cloth on me and potty trained me super early.

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  • I've known babies that had the same problem.  Try switching back to the other brand or to cloth.  Different diapers use different ingredients/materials/chemicals if the last brand was working then your baby is likely just sensitive to whatever is different in the new diapers so you can still use disposables should you choose to.


  • Update: The doctor said that it is probably a hives virus and not an allergy.  

  • We cloth diaper but had to temporarily use disposables due to a medication DD was on that was affecting the absorption of the cloth diapers (long story...).  She also got hives like you are describing and our pedi said the exact same thing.  I switched back to cloth and they went away.  
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  • I switched back to the Huggies during the day and the hives seem to be going away. Either it was the cruisers or the virus is leaving his system. I am not going to try the cruisers again to find out though, I don't want to torture him.

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