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How long did it take you to conceive after 35


Re: How long did it take you to conceive after 35

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    I don't know if this is helpful or not. Went through 2 rounds of fertility with my ex husband when I was in my late 20's with no success. Had no idea I was really a fertile myrtle. With my boyfriend, got pregnant on the first try twice and had my DS #1 (lost first pregnancy, then a twin on the second). Had a date night when my son was 8 months and still breastfeeding, and now expecting DS #2. Was not ready, so you never know.
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  • I was 35 when I was TTC with DS2.  It took us about 6 months to get pregnant.  With my DD, I was 37.  We weren't actively trying, but we weren't preventing.  We were on a vacation back east, and she was conceived after only one try.  We joke that she was our extra souvenir from NY.  So really since we weren't actively trying, I can't really say how long it took to get pregnant with her.  
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  • It happened the first try and we were not even really trying. I miscarried and then we got pregnsnt with twins on the first try after the miscarriage. I was doing acupunture regularly to improve my health before trying.
  • I was 32 when I had my DD, #3 (took 2 years after m/c). After 4 years of trying, and 2 m/cs in 6 mos, I've finally conceived baby #4. Had no problems conceiving my first 2 children.
  • I have been pregnant 7 times and all 7 times happened the first month trying.  DS at 30, miscarriage, DD at 33 and then 3 losses in a row. I am 37 now and 30 weeks pregnant.
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  • AT 37 it took us probably six cycles - I started out taking my temp, then moved on to OPKs, and then finally an actual fertility monitor that tells you when you're getting close (can't believe I can't remember - the Clear Blue Easy fertility monitor?) and got pregnant with my first.  I can't remember exactly but I had scheduled blood work so I must have tried for six months because at that age your doctor wants to take a look if you try for that long and nothing happens. I never had the bloodwork because I got pregnant. For the second, I was 39 and used the fertility monitor again - got pregnant the first month, much to the chagrin of my husband, who I had warned it may take a while!

    But I almost hesitate to offer that it was relatively easy for us because it isn't for so many women my age. I have a friend in her 20s who needed fertility treatments (and is now pg with twins). It highly depends on the individual.
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  • First time with both pregnancies (33 yrs and just shy of 36 yrs).
  • 4 years of not trying but not preventing. I just turned 36. This is my 3rd with a 14 yr gap between this little one (I'm 8 wks) and my youngest (14)
  • I haven't been tracking but have a few fertility apps that I am using. No luck yet. I am 39 and SO is 35. Crossing my fingers!
  • We've been trying since I was 32. I turned 35 this summer and this morning got a BFP. During this time, though, I had 2 surgeries for pre-cervical cancer cell removal and a scar tissue removal surgery because of the first two. The last surgery was in May.
  • I was 32 with my first and I am now a few weeks pregnant with my second at 36. It didn't take long either time. I went off BC for at least 6 months each time. But I'm afraid to jinx this pregnancy. We haven't even announced yet (I'm only about 5 wks along)

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  • I got pregnant at ages 37 and 39. Each time it took about 6 months of active trying. I took nothing except folic acid and iron supplements as recommended by my GP.
    promised myself I'd retire when I turned gold, and yet here I am
  • I had an unplanned pregnancy in college so I have a beautiful DD who is now 18 and in college .
    Found the love of my life later in life.  We have been planning our wedding and also kids.  I am 39 so we figured we would start trying a few months before the wedding so we could increase our chances.  I use the women's diary app to track my cycles.  Much to our surprise we are pregnant on the first try.  No gloating just shock and hoping for a healthy baby.
  • I had an IUD for 10years,removed it and got pregnant 2 months later.
  • It took us 3 months
  • I had my tubes reversed at 39 y/o. I got prpregnant 2 months later. I ended up having a miscarriage at 8 weeks. Over a year later now at almost 41 I finally got pregnant again. I am 16 weeks now and everything looks good. So far a healthy baby girl. I go for my full ultrasound next month. Other than still feeling sick all day long everything is great. Starting to feel her move a lot more. So it was over a year and a half getting here.
  • It took me 8 cycles at 39/40. Looking back, it was a huge mistake not to go to the RE and get checked out. I basically got lucky and once you hit a certain age, it's unwise to rely on luck, imo.
  • I'm 37, almost 38, and I'm just about to start trying.  I'm gay, so I've *never* tried before, never been in a situation where an accident could happen, so I only have the vaguest sense that I've even got the equipment in there, no idea how well it's functioning!  I'm seeing a fertility doctor who's run all kinds of tests, and waiting on the rest of the results to see if I can try a natural cycle IUI this month or if they recommend some fertility drugs to boost my chances.  

    I just want to say, thanks to everyone who's answered this question!  I know that y'all have had a lot of different kinds of experiences, but it gives me some hope to see so many women in my age bracket making it happen the old fashioned way (as well as some new fangled ways).  I'm so glad I found this site!
    Me- 39 (turning 40 in April), TTC for the first time ever (since Jan 2015), low ovarian reserve
    Married 3/14/14 to my wonderful wife, but her sperm count is rather low
    TTC with frozen donor sperm and science

    7 IUIs, 7 BFNs.
    2 IVF attempts, both cancelled and converted to IUI, both BFNs.
    Decided that my tired old ovaries are ready to retire.
    Next step- reciprocal IVF, using my wife's eggs, my uterus!  
    fresh 5 day transfer (2 embryos) 4/17/17- BFP! 
    Identical twins "due" 1/2/17 (but anticipated arrival sometime December)

  • I'm 43 and am 9 wks 6 days pregnant. I got pregnant the second month after going off my birth control pills. Good luck with your journey!
  • Got pregnant with third at 37. Took 3 months. Got pregnant a few weeks before turning 40 with this pregnancy. We weren't trying but not avoiding either. My 12 week ultrasound is on April 28 and then I can relax a little.
  • We got married in September 2016, started trying in January of 2017 when I turned 36. We finally concived June 2018 and I'm 37, he is 39. we had given up and weren't trying anymore. We both got checked out for fertility and everything was normal so we just thought it wasn't meant to be. Surprise surprise these things have a way of happening on their own schedule! 11 weeks today with our first
  • 3 cycles of not preventing for #4 at age 35.  I’m on my second cycle actively TTC #5 at age 37.  

    TTC#1 for 19 months with PCOS and MFI IUI#3 + injectables = BFP!!!!  Beta#1-134(13dpiui) Beta #2-392(15dpiui) 
    #1 born December 2011
    TTC#2 - Beta #1 -51@10dpo Beta#2 -1353 @16dpo
    #2 born May 2013
    TTC # 3 June 2014 BFP 12-1-14
    #3 born August 2015 
    #4!!!!!!! due June 2017 
  • 8 months. One month after I turned 40, I found out I was finally pregnant.
  • pregnant at 35, turned 36 Midway through. We weren't exactly trying, idk I guess he had decided he was ready.  Our BC method is/was withdrawal, he didn't pull out once and I got pregnant. Now we have a beautiful baby girl. 
  • I am 38, and my also 38y.o. boyfriend and I tried from November 2020-June 2021 before we had success. 
    We were in process of doing fertility testing to see what wasn't working at full function for us--as my periods would appear (on schedule) but also disappear sometimes within a day and were very light. I began to think I didn't really have eggs to work with. 
    I downloaded a tracking app that helped significantly! I do attribute the outcome to watching which days were "high chance". 
    But it took those months, when at first we both believed it was a quick and easy thing. 
  • One time. We tried once, and succeeded. I did take the ovulation test.
  • It took 6/7 months and I'm 36. Not that bad overall but it was a little scary because we were trying quite intentionally and 5-10 years ago it would take only a couple months (3 previous children). So thankful that it did eventually happen!
  • First pregnancy I was 34, 35 by the time I delivered. I was NOT trying to get pregnant, he didn't pull out like usual, and I took the morning after pill less then 24 hours later. Current pregnancy, I'm 37, was a shock to both of us... He's getting fixed after this baby. 
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