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Parenting after 35

How long did it take you to conceive after 35

Hi, if you conceived naturally ( no clomid, ivf, etc) how many months did it take?  Thank you.

Re: How long did it take you to conceive after 35

  • I was 35 when we started trying.  My OB told me to try for only 3 months before coming to see her.  Because of my age she didn't want me to try for too long without some answers.  We tried for 3 months with no luck, went to see her & she suggested bloodwork 10 days after my period to check my progesterone levels.  They were slightly low so she prescribed Dostinex at a low dose to start with, with follow up bloodwork.  I started the Dostinex immediately, was tested again at 10 days after my period.  My progesterone came back within normal levels at that test.  I did end up getting pregnant during that cycle too!  So, long story short...5 months total with a little assistance.
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  • I got married when I was about a month shy of my 36th b-day.  Right after we got married we decided we would just see what happens since time is not on our side ( my hubs is 4 years older than me) We got married in March and I got pregnant in April.  Sadly I started to miscarry on Mother's Day, yeah that sucked.  But the upswing was I got pregnant right away at the end of May before I got my period back and had a healthy baby girl in Feb 2012.  With my son I had to completely stop breastfeeding to even start to ovulate or get my period back.  It took about 6 months to get pregnant the second go round.  We are still debating on baby #3.  I would love to have one more but my husband isn't so sure.  I think we will take a lets see what happens approach, not prevent but not plan either. 


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  • It took me 6 months.  I turned 35 in April and as a smoker, my OBGyn wouldn't prescribe me regular birth control pills anymore.  So in June, I started taking the mini pill.  I didn't handle the change well, I seemed to be very tired, so in August, me and my husband (who is 4 years older than me) decided to quit taking BC and see if we could get pregnant.  I figured since I had been on some form of BC since I was 18, it would take awhile, but 6 months later, we were pregnant.  DD was born in November.
  • Everybody is different on this and it is a sensitive question for those who struggled.

    That said, my first pregnancy was a surprise when I was 34.  For #2, I was a few months shy of 37 when I got pregnant and it took 2 cycles.  I did the whole temping and ovulation strip thing but didn't need any outside help.  I consider myself pretty lucky as I know plenty of people who went through a lot of heartache when TTC.
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    Hard to say.

    With DS1 I was 34 when I got pregnant and had him (turned 35 4 weeks after he was born).  It took us 5 months.

    With DS2 I was 36 when I got pregnant and 37 when he was born.  After 2 months of TTC I got a +HPT but had a miscarriage 1 week later.  Started trying again the next cycle, got a +HPT 3 months later.  So if you go from when we started TTC it was 5 months.  If you go from the miscarriage to +HPT for DS2 it was 3 months.

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  • I was 38 and it took 4 months.
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    We started trying a month after my 35th birthday. I was concerned it would take a while, but- we got pregnant the very first try.  It was kind of mind-blowing. I had been off BC for a while (8 months) so maybe that helped?

    Hopefully that's encouraging for other older mommies-to-be!
  • First try... Twice. Once at age 37, once at 39. So if you think you have a while, keep in mind you may be more fertile than you know!
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  • I was 36 w/my second & it took about 6 months. However the first two times I got pg (age 34 w/my first DD & age 35 w/a baby I mc'd) I got preg on the first try using an ovulation kit.  When trying to get pg again after my m/c I noticed my luteal phases were really long- much longer than when I was tracking them the first go-around. When it was taking longer than my other tries, I went in to talk to my OB & he did a blood panel just to check me out- turns out I had developed a hypothyroid condition in between my pregnancies.  Little did I know that I was actually very newly pg when I was at that appointment (too early to show on bloodwork) so I found out about the hypo the same day I found out I was pg.  I was able to start thyroid meds right away & had to have frequent bloodwork for a couple of months- but she was born perfectly healthy.  Best of luck to you!
  • I had 2 kids before I turned 35, both took 2 cycles. I turned 35 in November. We got pregnant in January on our first cycle.

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  • I was 36.  I had the Mirena IUD which my doctor removed at the beginning of June.  She told me that it'd take a month for my body to cycle through, but we could have as much "fun" as we wanted to for that first month.

    We found out we were pregnant the day after Christmas, so it took us about 5/6 months.  I used a fertility app, and was semi-sort of charting my temp.  Though honestly, when I look back at my app, when I conceived (according to doc and to my own records), my app was WAY off on my fertility window.  WTF?  :)

    This is my second pregnancy that'll go FT.  My first one was when I was 20, and my DS (who's now 16) was an "oopsie" baby, so I've got no idea how long that one took.  ;)


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  • My first at 31 years old took 5 cycles.  (The last 3 were felt like an at-home science experiment.)  But it worked! 

    Now I am 38 (and a half), I didn't think we had much hope of conceiving quickly.  My TSH was a bit high.... and I weigh 20 pounds more than I did last time.  But, we got crazy lucky.  (First cycle!) I don't say that to be an obnoxious, braggy PITA...  I just thought we were in for the long haul with this one...  And was I ever surprised.  Not complaining, of course -- but I SWORE it wouldn't happen so fast, and we are in shock. 

    It is still very early, of course, but so far so good -- and we are happy and grateful.  ANYTHING can happen. 
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  • It took me forever. I was 37 when I started TTC and it took us one full year of charting temps, using OPKs or the monitor, getting fertility testing, etc. About a couple of months after having an HSG done, I got pregnant naturally. So maybe that had something to do with it. LO was born when I had just turned 39. I wanted another one but we've been off any sort of birth control since LO was born and he's about to turn 5 so... I guess it's hard for me to get pregnant. Especially now that I'm 43 :/
    Me: 44 DH: 42. DS born healthy at 40 weeks 8/24/09. TTC since then with no luck or ART. Surprise BFP 8/6/14... MMC @ 8 weeks 4 days... Miss you everyday sweet baby angel.
  • Happened the second month of trying which was kind of a shock because a lot of people tried to prepare me that it could take 6 months to a year. 

    Make sure you're ready when you start trying!  :)


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  • With my daughter, we got pregnant the very first time. TTC#2 and I should know in a couple of days if his little swimmers still have good aim.

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  • 6 months @ 35
  • Happened the second month of trying which was kind of a shock because a lot of people tried to prepare me that it could take 6 months to a year. 

    Make sure you're ready when you start trying!  :)


    This with both of my girls. Be ready! You may too be a fertile Myrtle ;-)
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  • It took us 8 months of trying with DS1 and I was 29/30. It took us 3 years for DS2 @34/35. I got test after test done and it turned out it was my husbands swimmers. (He's 3 yrs older) He just took special vitamins and excersized and we conceived 6 months later. Good luck!
  • My first bfp was right before 35 and first month of trying.  My next 3 pregnancies were at 35-36 and only took 1-4 months trying each time.  I had 3 losses before I had my dd.  So I had a very easy time getting pregnant just not staying pregnant.  
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    BFP #2 blighted ovum found 8.2011 @8w, misoprostol
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  • I was 40 when we started trying and it took about 4 months.

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  • My first pregnancy at 39 was a surprise (I didn't find out until I was over 6 weeks' pregnant). I lost that baby at 9 weeks. I had one period after my D&C and got pregnant with my son right after that. I got pregnant again this past August (at 41), after months of NTNP, though the month I conceived, I did use OPKs and we did "try." That pregnancy was a blighted ovum, unfortunately. We had a lot going on with my son, so we were back in NTNP mode after my miscarriage. I got pregnant again this February (at 42), which was a shock to me since we only had sex once the entire month (everyone in the house was sick). 

    It could be luck, or genetics (I believe it's the latter for me). Everyone is different--best of luck to you!

    Me: 42, DH: 40; Surprise BFP 4/27/2011; no heartbeat at 9w3d, we miss you, Baby Manatee; D&C 6/1/2011; AF returned 6/26/2011; Ready to try for our take-home baby. 7/24/2011--BFP! Peanut born March 2012; BFP: 7/31/2013!; blighted ovum at 7 weeks 8/26/2013. Holy Cannoli! BFP 2/23/2014. EDD 11/6/2014!  

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  • I'm 40. Got pregnant first try in Dec but lost baby in January. Was told to wait a cycle before trying again so we did. Got pregnant again on the first try now I'm 10 weeks. Stark contrast to my first pregnancy at 25 that required multiple rounds of fertility drugs and years of trying.
  • Good luck, @MelissaMiso. I hope for a positive update!


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  • @URMySunchine77 No luck yet! Here's to cycle 3!

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  • DS was a surprise.  I was 37.

    DD took two months.  I was 41.

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  • all 3 of my pgs were after age 35.  All happened within 3 months of trying.  I lost my second at 11w though and it took 70d for my cycle to come back.  After we were able to ttc again, we had success on our 3rd cycle.   We never used any meds, just charted, especially for #3.  I was almost 40 when we got pg with our rainbow.  I'm not sure it matters, but my DH is 10 yrs younger than me, which probably helped with his quality and number of swimmers.
    BFP#1 03/01/09 Carter arrived at 9lbs even on 11/11/09

    BFP#2 08/24/11 missed m/c 10/09/11 D&C 10/12/11 @ 11w

    BFP#3 03/17/12 Ashton arrived at 5 lbs 10 oz 8 weeks early on 10/10/12

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  • My first two pregnancies only took a few months, at 31 and 33. We've been trying for #3 for 11 months now with no luck. Crossing my fingers for you!
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  • Took 3 months at 39 for DS. Good luck!
  • I'm 35 now and pregnant with my third. I got married at 31 and got pregnant on our honeymoon. With #2 I got pregnant a couple of months after getting my period back. We weren't trying but not preventing either. This time I guess it was like 8 months but also not trying. I was charting but not timing sex in any particular way.
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  • DS1 I was 30 and it took us 3 months before BFP I was charting for 6 months total.

    DS2 I was 34 when we started and it took us almost a year. I was charting that entire time, started with OPK 6 months in. DH & I got tested since I turned 35 while TTC. Found out DH (who was 31/32 yo when TTC) had .1% morphology he took a bunch of supplements and I found out I had BV and got that cleared up once all that occurred we got our BFP.
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  • steverstever member
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    1 month around my 35th birthday, 2 months when I was 38.
  • I was 37 when I got pg with my first.  It took 3 months trying.  I got pg with my loss at 40 after 1 month of trying.  I got pg with my rainbow at 40 after 2 months trying.
    BFP#1 03/01/09 Carter arrived at 9lbs even on 11/11/09

    BFP#2 08/24/11 missed m/c 10/09/11 D&C 10/12/11 @ 11w

    BFP#3 03/17/12 Ashton arrived at 5 lbs 10 oz 8 weeks early on 10/10/12

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    We started trying when I was 34. Finally got BFP at 36.
  • First try both times (at 32 and 35). I used Fertility Friend to chart my cycles.
  •  Pregnancy #1 - 1 cycle.  Not viable.  Ectopic and tube removed.  (Age 36)

    Pregnancy #2 - Naturally 2 cycles after my surgery to remove the tube.  My daughter is 3.  (Age 36)

    Pregnancy #3 - 4th cycle of Clomid. Tried for 9 months and made an appointment to see an RE, but hopefully won't have to go!  (Age 39)


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  • DS: took 3 months @ age 37. #2 (due in Oct) took 9 months, started when I was 39, got preggo at 40.

  • Started at 35 for #1, took 23 months to get pg, gave birth at 38. Was charting, temping etc for 1.5 years. For number two my cycle started again when DS was 9 months old, I was pg again 6 months later. I was really casually charting or about 3 months. Pg at age 39, I'll give birth at 40. There really doesn't seem to be much sense i it, as technically the first pregnancy should have been quicker as I was younger. Go figure...
  • Tried 6 months then went to IVF I was 37/8.
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    17 months from previous birth. My age at conception 36.5 years
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  • With #1 I was 35 and it took six months. With #2 I'm 38 and it took 3 months. I did not have any assistance.
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