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Crib as cosleeper

Hello ladies!

My son is 3 months old and we have been bedsharing. He isn't rolling over yet but I know this will happen soon.

I have heard a few ladies mention putting the crib next to the bed with the side off and I would love to do this!

I was wondering what you use/do to keep the crib from sliding away from the bed? We really can't butt the crib to the wall the way our room is laid out.



Re: Crib as cosleeper

  • I didn't remove the rail between the crib and our bed because our bed is on wheels and I needed to be able to roll the bed away from crib sometimes.  It was a little harder than if I had removed the rail but the peace of knowing the rail was there was worth it to me.

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    Bar clamp or bungee cords. Our sidecar is next to the wall, but because of space and aesthetics, it doesn't actually touch it, so we have about 3 adjustable bar clamps joining bed frame and crib.


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