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Any twin moms here? Or anyone in Korea

(XP from multiples board) My DH was offered a new assignment in South Korea for 2-3 years. Our twins are almost 3.5yrs. The last time I lived overseas was in college so I feel like I'm clueless about what we could expect our life to be like overseas. I'm not going to lie, I'm intimidated at the thought of having my kids by myself in a country I've never been to before and don't know a single person in. My kids can be a handful so we aren't adventurous here but I'd like to take them places if we moved and make the most of the assignment. How is it for you? Do you feel like it's easy to travel with your kids and go to various events? If you live somewhere with non-US food did your kids adapt pretty easily? I don't know what else to consider so any advice you have would be great. If there are any moms living in Korea I'd love advice of what it's like to live there. TIA!
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