First time mom- scheduled csection

I'm 28w with my first baby and have a csec scheduled at 39w. I need a csec for medical reasons. I am nervous about going in to labor naturally before 39w because so many women have told me they didn't make it to 39w. I'm also concerned because I am a very small woman & I've been told at several ultrasounds that my baby is measuring big (90th percentile). Would that make me labor early? My mom had me at 30 wks and my sister around 36w. I'm afraid of that happening to me! Do most FTMs make it to 39w? I really want my Dr to deliver this baby because csec is a major surgery and DH and I are very comfortable with him. Any advice from other women who've been through this? Will the Dr move up my csec if I am having issues?

Re: First time mom- scheduled csection

  • I have had 3 scheduled c sections and went into labor before my scheduled dates on the first 2 of the three. It's no big deal, you just have your c section then. (In the end this gave me know time to worry about the first c section because it happened do quickly. Big plus!)

    You never know if you will go early. My first was completely complication free until I suddenly went into labor at 36 weeks. Same with the second but made 37 weeks. My third I was in the hospital at 34 weeks for 3 days but then made it to 39 weeks.

    My mom was overdue with all her babies and I was early on mine so I don't think your moms experience means much for your labor.

    Your doctor will move your c section if you have issues that put you or your baby at risk but they really push for 39 weeks now. I know for non emergencies my hospital now requires approval from the head of OB.

    I totally get wanting a certain doctor for your c section. I got lucky that mine was on call when I went in the first 2 times. The third she told me she would come in for if I went early. Try to remember if you were not scheduled for a c you would get whoever was on when you went in.

    I was terrified the first time but in the end I loved my c sections. Try not to stress over things you can't control. Enjoying the rest of your pregnancy and know baby will come when it's ready, or at least no later than 39 weeks! Good luck!
  • I'm also a first time mom. Due to preeclampsia, my doctor scheduled a csection for feb 24th. Unfortunately, I now have low amniotic fluid so they may move my date up to next week. I'm nervous as well. If your doctor wants you to have a csection, I'm sure she/he will monitor you & move your date up if needed. I'm sorry you are stressed! I wish I could help more. I'm sure everything will go wonderfully!
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  • Thanks girls. I think I just have to get used to the idea that things may not go as scheduled and planned. Lesleygosooners I hope all is ok and wish you well with your upcoming c sec!
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  • I believe it is a lot more typical for a first time mom to go late rather than early! If you personally do not have a history of PTL, I don't think it should be your main concern!

    That being said, I'm scheduled for 39 weeks too, and have no history of going early (with my son I started labour naturally on his due date)....but going before my scheduled c/s is my main worry too! You know what they say about the best laid plans...
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  • I was induced 2 days before my due date (40 weeks) because they felt my baby might get too big if I went past my due date. I begged for a c-section after a day and a half of labor and my epidural wearing on & off. I basically made it to my DD as a FTM, but my mom & sister were two weeks early with each pregnancy. You'll be fine and best of luck!
  • I believe it's more common for FTM to go late.  Also, those ultrasound are notoriously wrong about how big the baby is.  
  • Your doctor will move your c section date if you go into full blown labor, have a stressed baby, or your own health or babies health is not in good in general. Most first timers go to term or even past the due date. I had a 37 weeker and it was ok so even if your early its most of the time nothing to worry about.
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  • Eta- my ultra sound 4 hours before my baby was born said 6.5 and she was 7.5. So those ultra sounds are only a guess not a garantee.
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  • I started labor naturally with my son at 38w2d, but my scheduled C-section with my daughter was at 39w1d and I made it to that day. Everyone is different.

    Also, I believe if you're having any complications, then your doctor will move your C up. Try not to worry. Even if you go into labor early, you will still have the C and it will still be performed by a competent medical professional.
  • Thanks girls! I think I'm just being a big baby and worry wart, this is my first baby. I'm also worried the drs are right about baby being big bc DH was 9lbs. Lucky me. I was 105 pre pregnancy so a 9 lb baby is a big one for me!
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