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Has anyone had a good experience there? Do you have a good obgyn associated with the hospital?

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  • I delivered there and thought it was great.  I loved my OB although they were connected with someone in Newark as well so my OB didn't actually deliver me.  It is called Greenville OB/GYN They are all women and absolutely wonderful!

  • I delivered at Christiana and had a wonderful experience. My OB/GYN is All About Women. I have been going there since I was 16 and I love the practice! They have three offices and one is on the grounds of the hospital, which makes it convenient.
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  • I delivered at Christiana, had the most amazing L&D nurse! I also use all about women, all the doctors there were amazing
  • I'm an all about women girl too! I'm currently pregnant, so I haven't actually experienced Christiana but my SIL did and loved it
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    I found a great OBGYN in Newark associated with the hospital. However I was not happy with any experiences I had at Christiana with their staff during my miscarriage and am looking into other options when we become pregnant again.

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