Synagis, Fever and Tylenol :(

We got our second shot today. Last time, there were no side effects except for a bit of poopy diapers for a day. This time, DS is running a fever, 100.3. I gave him Tylenol and poor thing is sleeping. His doc said its normal but I want to know how long will this fever persist? What are your experiences/side effects? I hate seeing him so defenseless

Re: Synagis, Fever and Tylenol :(

  • Poor guy :-(. DD hasn't had any side effects from synagis, but she has from vaccines and the fever has always gone away by the following day. I hope he's feeling better soon!

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  • We aren't doing synagis (not eligible) but every time he's had shots he's gotten a fever. It's only lasted a day each time and a dose or two of Tylenol was all he needed and slept it off.
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  • Hmmmm ... our LO gets a fever after he gets shots, for about 36 hours but he didn't show any side effects from synagis. If your LO is 6+ months you can use motrin. I'm mobile so I can't see any tickers. Motrin worked wonders for his 6 month shots. Keep in mind too, they don't call it a fever unless it's over 103 degrees in babies. Our LO got up to 102 after his 4 month shots and I was freaking out but the pedi said it was fine. Best wishes!!!!
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  • Thanks everyone. He continued to be hot through the night, but he slept and fed as usual. He was back to himself this Morning with no issues. Thank you ;)
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