First night home?

We just brought our 34 seeker home today he is 4 weeks old. I'm so nervous because at the hospital out big hold up was that he didn't want to take a bottle. So he was circumcised today and 4 hours later we brought him home. He is acting hungry every 3 hours but only eats like 40cc when he is spose to eat 60cc I'm so nervous. I'm not sure if it's because he was circumcised or what. Anyone have this problem please any advice or encouragement would be so nice.

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    What missa_g said. Our babe ate different amounts almost every meal. I'd always put in a little more than her target amount and write down when she ate and how much. Then add it up every 24 hours. We also kept track of dirty and wet diapers, so you can know if he's voiding less. Sometimes our LO would want to eat closer to 2 hours or, on the other end, closer to 3.5 hours, depending on how much she ate last. While you need to make sure preemies aren't going too long between meals, it's also important that they develop their own hunger cycle. Try to go by his cues just a little bit. You'll know if something is wrong, and then talk to his dr.


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  • I'd give him 24 hours after the circ to adjust also. He may also want to cluster and eat less volume more frequently, just pay attention to his cues!
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  • We have one twin discharged from the NICU and one still working on feeding. What we got told was to do a 24 hour volume. So take what the NICU said for feedings multipled by the number of feedings to get the total for your 24 hour volume. Sometimes they may take more than what the  NICU said in one feeding but less the next time but they have 24 hours to get in their intake.

    We were also told that the first 24-48 hours for them being home is a large transition. They have to get used to many new things and are trying to regulate themselves. Therefore, they may not eat as much or like they used to for the first few days. Give it time and see how it goes! :) Good luck!!!!

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  • Thank you so much ladies. He ate more today then last night. I think he is just tired and in pain. Thank you al again so much.
  • Yep, what everyone else said regarding feeds. DS took a day or so after the circ and coming home before he was back on schedule. Congratulations on being home!!!! Such an amazing time for you- enjoy:)
  • Missa_g said:
    It's really tough to get out of the NICU mentality once you come home! I totally understand that in the NICU they stressed it was important for him to eat 60mL at every single meal. But in the outside world babies aren't always exactly the same amount of hungry at every meal so it's totally normal for their intake to fluctuate. I would suggest adding up how much he eats in 24 hours and see if that's close to the expected amount. As long as it is its probably no big deal. Otherwise call your pediatrician to express your concern. I think circumcision can definitely make them a little less hungry too. Congrats on homecoming!
    +1 more - she is right! Just keep an eye on what he eats throughout the day and make a note if he seems to have fewer wet diapers than usual but I bet he is okay! It's so overwhelming being home. Congrats on getting to bring him home!

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  • Our NICU nurses told us that getting circ'ed can mess with their eating and the babies wouldnt eat as much to try to sleep through the pain some.

    Good luck! I bet he'll be back to usual tomorrow!!
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