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Introducing Dairy/Soy back into diet?

I EBF my 9 month old daughter who has a dairy/soy intolerance.  We discovered the intolerance quite early (around 1 month) and since then, I have eliminated all dairy and soy from my diet.  I'm wondering when I can try to reintroduce this and see if the intolerance is still present?  Do I introduce into my diet or baby's?  Any suggestion on what to introduce first?  In addition to breast milk, she has been on solids since 5 months.  Now that we are at the age for "finger foods", I'm struggling on what to give her since most options have dairy or soy.  Any advice would be appreciated!! :)

Re: Introducing Dairy/Soy back into diet?

  • My LO had to see a GI Specialist for his milk protein allergy.  He suggested that we start re-introducing dairy around 9 months. (i.e. milk based formulas).  I would say (if you are BF) try to slowly introduce it back into your diet first.  Check with your Pedi as well.  You will know if she is not tolerating it fairly quickly.  She should be grouchy and/or rash etc...  
  • There seems to be two lines of thought on the re-intro method, some say give it to baby directly so you don't have it your system as well, some say you should eat it yourself so baby doesn't get so much in her system right away.

    As for MSPI-friendly finger foods, there are lots you can try! Chunks of steamed veggies or fruits, beans, pasta, pieces of toast, spears of banana. Happy Baby makes some rice cakes that are MSPI-friendly. PM me if you want more suggestions. GL!

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  • We've relied heavily on our GI. We did a dairy challenge at 9months. I EP and am also on a dairy free diet. I had something containing diary then gave LO the milk that I pumped right afterward and waited to see how she reacted. At 9 months, she failed and I went dairy free again. Then at a year, we were directed to try again. If she tolerated the dairy from my system, then we were told to give she an ounce of Pediasure with Fiber. We haven't decided if she really was okay with the Pediasure or if her symptoms were the beginning strains of the flu. So we started again. Cleared her system and we'll intro dairy through me Ina couple of weeks.
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