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Fuck it Friday!

It's that time again!

I don't have much to complain about other than I have to see BD tonight. Seriously want to punch the guy in the dick. But I did tell him we needed to meet up an hour later because my BF was asked to work today, and he seemed totally fine with it. So at least he didn't forget about the only agreement we have. I'm still hoping he gives us 9mo sized clothes so I can tell him I'll have to return them or give them away or something.

Also, with all this talk about raising the minimum wage, I hope that if that passes that I'll get an adjustment in my salary. If IL raises min. wage to $15/hr then I'll be making just over min. wage.
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Re: Fuck it Friday!

  • Doesnt that just tan your hide?

    So i was up till two folding laundry last night because fuss butt is cutting two teeth and didnt go to bed till 8:30 last night and refused naps yesterday. Well i have my nephews today. My older one is pissed hes here so he went i to my room and flug ALL the folded laundry every where... fuuuuuuuck. I was goingto put that away today.

    Also the younger one just flubg oranhe juice all over while i was feeding bentley.

    Guess who messaged me last night? BD, wanting to talk about me moving back to oregon so him, ds, and i can be a family. I just. I cant even with him. Im just going to leave these here to describe how i feel about bd today.
  • Btw, I showed one of her videos to my sister and now she's pretty much obsessed. LOL
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  • Im obsessed. New videos every wednesday.
  • My Friday sucks ass because apparently I'm having early contractions and its making my neurological shit worse and I'm starting to freak out. My animals are all acting really weird around me and that's making me freak out more. They all want to stare at my face and cuddle my belly. I don't know if I'm more afraid of having him early (I'm 34w5d) or of having these symptoms for weeks to come.
  • Im giving my 22 month old nephee his second bath today. I walked into my room to make sure he was taking his nap. Nope. He stripped, pooped and smeared poop all over the walls, bed, and himself. God damnit!
  • OMG! Dude! WTF?! Lol I can't help but laugh, it'll be a fun story someday but that SUCKS!
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  • 2 year olds man. Can i just skip 2 and 3 im terrified of those years
  • Wish I could tell you it gets better at 4 and 5...LOL
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    Throwing leaves <3
  • Its official. Bentley is bfs son when he gets to those fucking aweful ages
  • That's a double suck because it wasn't even your own kid's poop.
  • Nope. Amd it stunk. I was gagging the hole time. And may have gone craxy with the clorox wipes
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