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Attempting a VBA2C after an unsuccessful VBAC??

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Hi Ladies,

Just wondering if anyone has had an unsuccessful VBAC and then gone on to have a successful VBAC?

We're thinking about baby #3 now and trying to conceive soon so I'm wondering about another VBAC

Baby #1 was csection for FTP after about 25 hrs induced labour (april 2010)
Baby #2 was another csection for FTP after 24 hrs natural labour (august 2012)

I've been diagnosed with hypothyroidism since welcoming baby # 2 and have learned that that can have a big negative impact on labour..I believe I would have had it during both pregnancies (just undiagnosed) as I had so many of the symptoms.

Anyone have any related experience to share with me? Am I crazy to want to try again (assuming my thyroid is under control/medicated this time)??

Thanks for any advice!!

Re: Attempting a VBA2C after an unsuccessful VBAC??

  • My sister has Hashimoto's, and it didn't affect her labor. She had a VBAC w her second (was diagnosed before her second DD's pg). She had her thyroid legs monitored, but didn't really have extra mkmitoing besides that. I would look around and see if there are any local providers who do VBA2C. Good luck!
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  • I am also trying for a VBA2C. I know I'm not a great candidate, since both my c/s were due to my body's inability to go into labor/failed induction and I was 42 weeks. But I just have to try again. It's so important to me to have a natural labor and not have another painful surgery, sometimes I wonder if I'm crazy, especially when the odds are so not in my favor, but I just have to try one last time to see if the third time is the charm! I am going to do everything I can to get this VBA2C and I guess I'll know in 10 weeks (am currently 32 weeks) if it works out or not!
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  • thanks for your replies ladies!!

    megs68: I will be crossing my fingers (and toes)..i really hope the third time is the charm for you! I'd love to hear how it goes if your comfortable sharing after baby #3 arrives!!
  • Personally I would just agree to be c/s after labor starts versus scheduled. Just because I have a superstition that baby needs a little labor hormone cascade, but I would take it a sign that I was lucky to live in a time when c/s are relatively safe.

    I had a total freak out prior to my 2nd child where I decided that if my VBAC failed I'd be done having kids 'cause I just didn't want to keep repeating the surgery. We were luckily successful so here I am preggo with number 3.

    But in all honesty since my last was a vacuum assisted VBAC there are days I still worry about repeat c/s again.

    I have no regrets about my first c/s it was for all the right emergency reasons and as my Ob said if I'd lived 100 years earlier my child and I would both be dead. I fully believe he's right...c/s saved our lives.

    This is just me however, it's always your choice.

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