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nwi-first ultrasound at 20 weeks?

hi ladies! nwi here and i have my first appointment next week which would put me around 10 weeks. i called the office to find out what to expect at the appointment (ftm here) and she said they don't do an ultrasound until week 20 but we MIGHT be able to hear the heartbeat. i'm seeing a dr at crown point ob and just thought i'd see if anyone has had the same experience. i've read 20 weeks is pretty normal but other bump boards (and personal friends) have had ultrasounds anywhere from 5-12 weeks

is there somewhere else i can go get an ultrasound?

thanks ladies!

Re: nwi-first ultrasound at 20 weeks?

  • I also go to the Crown Point OBGYN. I LOVE it there. It seems to depend on which doctor you have. My doctor, Cataldi, did an ultra sound at 8 weeks. On the other hand my cousin went there and didn't have an ultrasound until 20 weeks. 
  • i'm seeing dr mccormick this week. when i called with those questions, someone at the front desk answered so maybe they just gave general information? maybe i will be getting an ultrasound then? fingers crossed! thanks for your response. i'm glad to hear you're happy at cp obgyn. i recently moved to the area so this is my first time visiting their office. feel free to share reviews of pediatricians and other doctors in the area. that will be my next search! thanks again!

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  • I had my first u/s at 7 weeks then one at 13 weeks but I had Subchronic bleeding then. I received my anatomy scan and gender scan at 23 weeks! I think you can get one at 16 weeks which I hear from a lot from a lot of ladies! Then again I hear 20 weeks is normal also!
  • I go to crown point ob/gyn too and also see Dr. Cataldi. She did my dating scan the same week as my first visit (11 weeks) and then she'll do another at 20 weeks. So yeah it might depend on which doctor you see there.
  • It does probably depend on who you see, you may get a dating ultrasound first and anatomy scan later. I went to them for my pregnancy and really liked everyone,& Dr Cataldi was my doctor. I also saw Lavawn for breastfeeding help and she was wonderful! 
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  • I used to work for saint Anthony's and if I remember correctly the first u/s was at 20 weeks unless there was a problem. I worked as a float for samc for dr Rizzo, dr lam, midwife Bernie price and dr hussey . Each office ran a little different as every dr is different. Some have you do certain labs as well that other ob/gyns don't.
  • I go there as well and asked why they did an early US with my firstborn but not this baby. They said the first was to determine due date. I understand your wonder though - I just wanted to see my cute baby! :)
  • I LOVE McMahon and when any of you need a pediatrician, go right down the street (on the corner by Centier and Walgreens) and see Dr Gold. She's fantastic as is every other doctor in her office!!
  • For my first (in PA and different insurance), i had an ultrasound around 10 weeks, then 20, then a few other times because my kid was measuring small and my dr had his own US machine. This time, I was told my insurance only covers one, and unless I'm bleeding, will be around 20 weeks. Tomorrow is my first appt (at Parkview North in Fort Wayne) with OB (11w5d) so hopefully will hear heartbeat!
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