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I have a three week old. She has horrible gas. At night she is up for hours in pain. I did start gas drops and they seem to help. I am thinking of switching formula too, to sensitive Similac, from regular. Anything else to do? 

Thanks for any advice. 
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  • I would talk to your pedi about your concerns before changing formula.
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  • We used Enfamil Newborn at first at dd had horrible gas! So I switched her to Gerber Gentle and it helped her so much. I would definitely look at switching formulas and has drops are awesome too. I really don't think you need to talk to your pedi before switching but if it makes you feel better than go for it. I also think that Gerber smells so much better than Enfamil.
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  • I would def try the baby massage. I believe it's a backwards "C" that works best but you could google. Try the leg bicycles though, that works for some babies. Tummy time. Laying baby facing downwards over your forearm patting her back/bum while swaying. 

  • I'm still dealing with this. The gas and constipation has eased with the help of gripe water and similac alemetum. I suggest buying a small ready to feed pack to see how baby does first. Gl to you xoxo
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  • I've got a 6wk old, and the same problem! I was pumping and supplementing with enfamil premium newborn. At around 3.5 wks he was super gassy, more so at night, also found out he has reflux! :( so we got some meds and switched to enfamil gentlease. About 4 days had gone by and I thought he was even grassier! So we went to our check up and switched to similac alimentum! So far it's been a great change! Not nearly as gassy! :)
  • I've had good results with gripe water!
  • Gripe water does work well... Just be very careful not to give it too fast! I had a horrible coughing/ choking scare last night after giving it with the included syringe.
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