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Daycare and sickness

I always knew the first year would be hard . I knew ds would get sick a ton but it's getting old . He's been in DC 6 mos and every other week it's something . Usually a cold or eat infection or slight fever but I just got a call that he's throwing up and I need to go get him . We got an email on Monday that someone in the center got the stomach virus and I just knew he would get it. Sure enough here we are . When does it get better ?! It's taking all my energy to not quit right now and just stay home !

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  • My kids are 2 and 4 and I can't remember the last time one of them was home sick. The first year or so is rough and then it gets better.
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  • Same experience here. DS has had a runny nose for all but a couple weeks over the past 6-7 months, in addition to a couple of viruses. On top of that he's had chronic ear infections that we're now having tubes inserted. We're at our limit, too. I just keep reminding myself that it's worse for him than it is for us.

  • For DD, the worst was over by the time she turned 2, and then it gradually has gotten a lot better.  She still gets sick but it is normal runny nose stuff and she rarely needs to stay home.  DS had a super rough winter last year but this year so far has been better.  I think once they pass the everything-in-the-mouth phase you will see a definite improvement.
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  • First 6months are the worst, my kids were sick at least once a month. Then they weren't sick at all until October when cold season started. Stomach bug is bad this year, even if she was home she could pick it up somewhere else. I think once you get to April, you should be pretty good.
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  • No advice but I'm following this thread.  DS started daycare part time in Dec and full-time the first week of Jan.  He was exposed to RSV that week and unfortunately had to be hospitalized for 8 days to treat it.  We're keeping him home for 2 weeks to give him more time to recuperate before exposing him to all those germs again.  I'm right there with you about wanting to just stay home with him!
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  • Up to age 1 was bad and it got way better after 2.  If it helps, DD is 7 months old and has only missed school for pink eye.  I *think* that having an older sibling has helped her avoid sickness.
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  • Our first year sucked. I think from October to March LO was home sick at least every other week. This year has been much better. LO still gets sick, but just a runny nose and coughing. No fever, so he is allowed to stay at daycare. I think he's only been home 3 days total this winter so far.
  • My daughter has attended daycare since she was 8-9 weeks. She typically has a runny nose every few weeks. She has never had a fever or thrown up. I am like other posters... I am glad she is building up her immunities now versus later. The only time she was really sick was around 2 months when she was diagnosed with RSV but I believe she got the cold from me more so than daycare.
  • DD is 2 years, 9 months old and hasn't been sick or even had the sniffles in almost a year!  She did get sick (mainly colds and one stomach bug) during her first year in daycare, but I believe her immune system is quite strong now. 

    I can't remember the last time I had to take a sick day.  It will get better. 

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  • Just wanted to say we are in the same boat. DD turned one in December so it is her first winter in daycare. I am really hoping that next year is better. It seems like someone in my house has been sick every day since November.

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  • The first year was by far the worst, the second year much better.  By the third it was a huge change!  DS has had a few mild colds here and there but nothing that even required him to go to the doctor or stay home.  I don't want to jinx it, but between his 2 year old and 3 year old well visits we didn't go to the doctor, not even once. And now he's closing in on 3 1/2 and still going strong!
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  • It is terrible. Terrible! Having said that, we're 6 months in and DS is still having a runny nose (always) and small cough (sometimes) but he seems to be turning a corner. We haven't had to keep him home due to illness since November (knock on wood).

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