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Just found out i'm pregnant, need recommendations!

We just found out we're expecting our first baby. My LMP was 12/1, so all signs point to about 6-7 weeks along. I live in St Paul and I need some solid recommendations for basically everything! OB, hospital, etc! All suggestions will be SO very appreciated! I'm new at this and completely stumped! :) 

Re: Just found out i'm pregnant, need recommendations!

  • I'm seeing someone in Health Partners, but I'll probably switch. Without going into all the details, the made an error in my care and as a result I am at risk for a lot of not good things now. I've heard St Joseph's/Woodwinds are good for natural birth, and Regions/Abbott Northwestern are good for higher risk, but I have no personal experience, since this is my first. I'll be interested to see what people recommend here!
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  • Do you have an OB now?  If you are in St. Paul I would recommend Metro OBGYN.  They have offices in St. Paul, Maplewood and Woodbury for sure.  I've seen Dr. Less, Dr. Mies, Dr. Grande and Dr. Hallman and liked them all.  Dr. Less has been my doctor for over 13 years.  They are definitely a great group of physicians.  
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  • I used and will continue to use John Haugen Associates (Dr West). Also, I gave birth at Abbot(The mother baby center, check it out!). The nurses were stellar, and they are very open to your own personal birth plan (Water birth, using a birthing bar, using a yoga ball, natural birth..etc.). If you're looking for a more at home experience my friend just gave birth at an old house that has been remodeled for a comfortable, at home, midwife, type birth. It's right next to Abbot so if there are complications you don't have far to go. Honestly, if I knew such a thing existed I would have used it. Here's the link: https://theminnesotabirthcenter.com/ 
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  • One thing that I wished I would have done is found a doctor that was very pro breastfeeding or gone to a midwife. I' know there is a midwife group at Regions and Woodwinds. I feel like midwives do not push you into inductions and help with breastfeeding.
  • Metro OBGYN is awesome. Delivered my first baby with Dr Mies and she'll be delivering my second.
  • Loved the midwives with Healtheast and I delivered at Woodwinds.  Great experience all around. 
  • I don't have any recommendations since we are still TTC but I just wanted to say CONGRATS!
  • Partners ONGYN in Maplewood is excellent. I never waited more than 5 minutes for my appointment, ultrasound onsite, and they deliver at StJohns. We had a great experience in October when our daughter was born.
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  • I third Metro OB. I see Dr Kelly, who goes to the Woodbury and Maplewood clinics. She is doing my c-section for twins this coming Thursday at United Hospital.
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    I used a General Practitioner this last time around, but when I have a baby again in the future I will go with a midwife or OBGYN. I felt like my doctor didn't know a ton and when I had questions she tended to talk down to me...could be because she a GP or maybe it's just because she was a B*tch. 

    I really liked St.John's hospital where I delivered. The nurses were awesome, the rooms are HUGE, and you stay in the same room through labor, delivery, and recovery. 

    Of course, get your list of who and where are covered by your insurance company and go off that.





  • I started with an OBGYN and switched to a midwife halfway through my pregnancy and I'm so glad I did. I felt it was much more informative and it was the level of care I wanted during my first (and probably only) pregnancy. If you are trying to decide between providers, I would suggest just setting up a consult. Also, I delivered at Regions and we were very happy with our experience and care there. Good luck!
  • I also delivered at Regions - if you do end up there, Baram is who you want in your corner if you have any potential for complications - he's tops at not getting concerned unless there is a TRUE reason to be. The only thing I wasn't impressed with there is the recovery - it's like they give over the top FANTASTIC care in L&D but then it's like "NEXT!" in the Recovery wing. I also dealt with several other docs and midwives over the course of both kiddos and most of them were over the top great! They also have become very pro-BF (and EP!) if you choose that route. United is another option if you're likely to have the baby high risk. Since they have the NICU right there, it's a little "easier" on you so you aren't separated from baby nearly as much. The food is also fantastic there (we spent DS' first week in the PICU after a freak accident).. Above all else, go into L&D with an open mind! The worst thing you can do is approach it with a rather rigid white knuckled "this is how MY L&D IS going to be" with a forever long "birth plan" that "they" tell you that you need to have - women tend to have an easier time "going natural" when they can allow themselves to just relax and go with the flow. Whether that's hypnosis, water birth, Bradley, humming, rocking, moaning, epidural, other medications, pacing the halls, midwife/doula/OB, etc., the whole idea is to simply get your body to relax and its birthing instinct to take over. If you are going to focus on one aspect of your hospital stay, make it the post partum pain management plan! With mine, the first I went in rather rigid and by the time all was said and done I needed enough medication to sedate an angry rhino to get through it during and after (by the time DD came I was too wiped out to really "enjoy" the moment and recovery took forever!). With my second I just went in there with the only plan being to come out with a sweet little baby boy, and I ended up needing so very little pain medication during and after and recovery was a "sinch"...
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  • I started with an OB, and switched to the HealthEast Midwives about 1/2 way through. I am VERY glad I switched, there we definitely more in tune to my needs as a first time mom. I am seeing them again for my second pregnancy now. I delivered at Woodwinds and had a fabulous experience. I used their free doula service and was very impressed with that as well. I am so excited to deliver there again! 
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